What Is 18650 Lithium Battery?


What is 18650 lithium battery?

18650 lithium battery is a type of cylindrical lithium battery, diameter 18mm height 65.0mm, rated voltage 3.7V. 18650 lithium battery pack came into being in order to meet the needs of more devices. It is based on 18650 cells assembled in series and parallel to achieve greater voltage and longer discharge time. 18650 lithium battery ternary material as a positive level of rechargeable batteries than lithium cobalt acid safety factor is higher. However, the working voltage is too low, used in cell phones will be, the volume is significantly insufficient. At this stage of sales market is more applied to the front one.


18650 lithium battery


The difference between 18650 lithium battery and ternary lithium battery


  1. The capacity of ternary lithium battery is very large. Its capacity is comparable to 18650 lithium battery, ternary lithium polymer battery can even reach 10000 mAh.


  1. 18650 lithium battery life is quite long, the longer its life, the special lithium ion structure inside, fully charged is twice or even more than the ordinary rechargeable battery, it can be said that the capacity is very large.


  1. 18650 lithium rechargeable batteries without memory, battery charging before it is likely not easy to charge and discharge the remaining power, more convenient to use; unlike nickel-metal hydride batteries like memory effect to discharge the end.


  1. 18650 lithium battery resistance within the small, irreversible volume damage, can significantly reduce the loss of rechargeable battery function, improve the number of battery cycles;


  1. 18650 lithium battery has high safety, not easy to cause an explosion or air pollution. Test results show that in most cases, the chance of common failures of short circuit is reduced to the best case. Excessive charging or disconnection can be avoided.


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What is the main use of 18650 battery?


18650 lithium batteries are more robust and stable in the international market, and their market share is the technological leader of other lithium-ion battery products. It is widely used in large and small lithium battery industries such as consumer digital technology electronic equipment, mechanical equipment, medical machinery, etc. It is widely used in service robots, AGV trucks, unmanned aircraft, new energy vehicles and other power lithium battery industries, and in smart phones, tablets, notebooks, electric toy cars, MP3/MP4, cell phone headphones, mobile chargers, model airplanes, cell phones, etc. shows a strong development prospect.


Features of 18650 lithium battery


Volume, safety factor balance has stronger cycling characteristics than general lithium cobaltate raw materials. Due to technical reasons, its early nominal voltage is only relatively limited, and the application area is also relatively limited. With the gradual improvement of the secret formula and structure, the nominal voltage of rechargeable batteries has long reached, and the capacity has long reached or exceeded the level of lithium cobalt acid batteries. So now most people are now prefer to use 18650 lithium battery pack.


Battery use precautions


First, charge to avoid overcharging the battery


When charging for the first time, choose to charge during the day. Night charging is easy to produce overcharging phenomenon and damage the battery. And it is easy to control the charging time during the day, so pay attention to the time when charging Oh.


Second, the charging time.


The charger is best to choose in the daytime, try not to 18650 lithium battery a charge is a night, note that the time of the charger can also let the danger comes, there is time to deal with.


Third, avoid overcharging.


Charger time should be controlled, preferably not more than 8 hours, overcharging will not into will lead to shorten the life of 18650 lithium battery, may also lead to over negative voltage.


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