How To Prepare Current Affairs For CLAT


How to Prepare Current Affairs for CLAT



The Common Law Admission Test (CLAT) is a law entrance examination conducted all over the country every year. Students who plan to enter law colleges, both NLUs, and private law colleges, on the basis of the marks secured in the CLAT exam. The CLAT exam paper consists of five sections with an aggregate total of 150 questions for 150 marks. Out of all the sections, the Current Affairs section is considered to be the most important subject as there is no defined syllabus, yet there’s a lot to learn. In this article, we’ll be understanding the method for the preparation for the CLAT current affairs. Read further to know more about the preparation planning of this current affairs section. 

CLAT Current Affairs Section – Test Structure



No. of Passages 

This section contains 4-5 passages and each passage will be around 450 words.

Type of Questions

Multiple-Choice Questions

Total No. of Questions 

This section consists of around 35-39 questions, which is roughly 25% of the paper. 

Current Affairs Syllabus 

The passages will be taken from recent relevant news, journalistic sources, and other non-fiction writing. Important Topics related to Current affairs and general knowledge, including contemporary events of significance from India and the world, Arts and Culture Historical events of continuing significance, and International Affairs.

What skills will be tested?

Candidates have to represent their awareness of various aspects of current affairs and general knowledge.

How to Prepare Current Affairs for CLAT Exam?

To excel in this Current Affairs section, candidates don’t need to mug up the information or facts because questions will be based on the given passage. However, candidates need to know the procedure:

  • Comprehend the given information provided in the passage. 
  • Analyze various points mentioned in the passage.
  • Connect the dots and build the connection to derive the conclusion.

The best way to prepare for the current affairs section for CLAT is by reading newspapers, articles, and editorials part of the newspaper. This will help you stay updated with the current happenings in the country and globally, and you’ll develop a habit of finding the important and necessary information from the passage given. Further, you can take the help of the following newspapers to prepare for this section. 

  • The Economic Times
  • The Hindu
  • The Indian Express
  • The Times of India
  • The Telegraph

Other resources are available which you can use to stay updated with the Current Affairs:

Print newspapers cannot be replaced by any other source because they are more convenient to read. However, you can also take the help of online resources to read more about a particular topic or issue in Detail. You can subscribe to the best newspapers or websites online and check out the editorials and articles.

You can also refer to the various YouTube channel outlets to prepare for the important current affairs for CLAT Exam.

Make Important Notes

While preparing, it is essential to make short notes on current affairs and general knowledge and note down the necessary details, so you can refer to them at the time of revision. Moreover, making your own notes will help you learn faster and develop self-confidence, which eventually helps you perform well in the exam. 


Practicing many CLAT Mock Tests

Taking mock tests will not only help you apprehend the type of questions asked in the exam and increase your precision but will also boost your confidence to ace the exam.

You can also opt for a mock test series online or offline and practice that will help you in your preparation. You can also choose a mock test series and practice every day. Make sure you also attempt sectional mock tests to apprehend your strengths and weaknesses in the subject of current affairs.

Solve Sample Papers

Solving sample papers is a well-tested method for the preparation of this current affairs section. Candidates should solve sample papers based on the latest exam pattern and make sure the sample papers are from a trusted and authentic source. 

The sample papers should be solved in a strict environment, under time limits as per the CLAT exam. Moreover, solving sample papers regularly will help candidates to learn time management skills and improve their accuracy. 

Choose Study Material Wisely

It is important as well as crucial to choose the best study material for smooth preparation of the current affairs section. There is a plethora of study material available online and offline. However, selecting the best and preferred study materials will help you prepare your best. Hence, choose the study material that is suitable for your level of understanding and specifically adheres to the current exam pattern. However, to get the precise and exam-oriented study material to enroll in the best CLAT coaching academy in India.  Some important books mentioned below that students can refer to are:

  • Pearson General Knowledge Manual
  • Lucent’s General Knowledge
  • Manorama Year Book
  • India Year Book
  • Competition Success Review
  • Pratiyogita Darpan
  • GK Compendium by Law Prep



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