10 Yoga Postures For 60 Plus People


10 Yoga Postures for 60 Plus People

The beauty of Yoga is that this is one body science that can be picked at any age and at any level. Whether you are a novice with a frigid and unhealthy body or you are a body work expert, Yoga has a soft corner for everyone and any body type or age can benefit greatly from it. Yoga for old people is especially vital since as we age, owing to weakening bone structure, it becomes harder to indulge in intense workouts and it is generally not recommended either, unless you have been working out from an early age. Even sportspersons carry yoga practice parallely to their workout or game practice to stay healthier and more fit. If you or someone close to you in their sixties is looking to get started with yoga, then read on below. 


Before we discuss the core yoga postures for 60 plus people, here are a few benefits that you or your loved one can look forward to. 

  • Gain flexibility in the muscles and agility in the bones.
  • Slow down the negative effects of ageing. 
  • Find your equilibrium.
  • Know yourself and your body on a deeper level.
  • Achieve better alignment and balance in your body. 
  • Strengthen your spine. 
  • Release stress in your muscles.


10 Yoga Postures for 60 Plus People

  1. Mountain Pose 

This is the preparation pose to your yoga practice. Stand with both feet a few inches apart. With your shoulders held backward, stand grounded on your feet. Pull your belly in, lift your sternum toward the sky while maintaining the curve of the spine. 

  1. Tree Pose

Stand on your feet a few inches apart. Bend your right knee to rest the foot on the left inner thigh. Inhale and exhale with your arms in ‘namaste’ mudra. 

  1. Downward Facing Dog Pose

Stand on the mat with feet parallelly aligned. Bend your body at the hips and try to reach your toes. Once you are able to comfortably touch your palms on the floor, stretch your arms to the front to form a 45 degree angle. Inhale and gently rise back to the original position. Exhale. 

  1. Cobra Pose

Amazing pose for relieving back pain. Lie on your stomach and lift your head towards the ceiling while supporting your body on the palms with your elbows bent. Inhale. 

  1. Wind Relieving Pose 

Release trapped gasses from the body with this pose. Lie on your back. Gently fold one leg at the knee and try to touch the knee to your belly. Repeat the same with the other leg. Relax

  1. Cat Pose

Lie in a table top position on the mat. Exhale and arch your back and neck to draw inwards. The pose is amazing for stretching the spine and releasing stress in the back. 

  1. Standing Spinal Twist

Stand on your feet. Lift your arms parallel to the floor. Move sideways. Inhale. Move back to the original position as your exhale. Repeat the same step for the other side. This pose is greatly helpful for achieving flexibility in the spine. 

  1. Butterfly Pose

Sit cross-legged on the mat. Hold both your feet in your palm and gently move the thigh up and down like the wings of a butterfly. Repeat the process for 60 seconds. Gently stretch the time duration as you gain confidence with the asana.

  1. Child Pose

Feel a surge of happiness and utter relaxation in the body and mind with this pose. Sit with your feet under your hips. Gently bend your body forward till you are face down on the mat. Bring both your palms stretched on the mat as if you are paying homage.

  1. Corpse Pose

Probably everyone’s favorite posture and the route to yoga nidra experience, lie on your back, close your eyes, spread your arms as if you are ready to contain the whole world. Focus on the breath and gently let go of any stresses in the body and mind part by part working your way from the toe up. Lie in this position for 10 minutes or more as per your mood and comfort. This is the ideal asana to close a yoga session for the day.


Some Important Factors to Keep in Mind Before Starting the Yoga Practice in 60+ Years

  • It is really about how you do an asana rather than how much you do it. There is no time limit on yoga practice as long as your body feels comfortable. 
  • Working with the breath is crucial with each asana practice. The more you are in control of your breath, the higher impact you would receive with each asana. 
  • If you are worried about whether you are doing the right practice or not, then it is better to acquire some practice exposure by working under the guidance of a yoga instructor. You can go for online yoga classes if there is a time and conveyance constraint. 
  • You can pick any style of yoga in the 60s as long as it suits your body and mind. 
  • A number of asanas you are recommended may be the same as the ones recommended for younger people. However, that’s completely alright since certain yoga poses for beginners are similar to poses in yoga for old people. The important thing is how well you practice it. 
  • Always warm-up your body with mild stretching exercises and proper gear such as water bottle, comfortable yoga clothes, light weights, etc., before commencing the yoga session. 
  • Let your body adjust to each posture before you begin with a new asana. 
  • Maintain constant focus on the breath and keep resting for 30-60 seconds between each pose. 
  • Yoga in India is limitless from traditional Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga styles to Hot Yoga, pick one that you resonate with the most.


Age gracefully with Yoga!



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