Infestation Of Rats Seen At Centuries-Old Aberdeen Graveyard


Infestation Of Rats Seen at Centuries-Old Aberdeen Graveyard

You can never predict where a pest infestation will occur. There have been reports of outbreaks taking place all over Scotland, and now a renowned historical site in Aberdeen has been beset by an invasion, which is a source of great concern.

Infestation Of Rats Seen at Centuries-Old Aberdeen Graveyard

Located on Union Street in the town centre, the beautiful St Nicholas Church and graveyard, referred to as the Mither Kirk, has been standing since the 1300s. It has become a popular tourist spot. Visitors and residents alike can take a stroll in the grounds, visit the archaeological dig site or walk around the fascinating memorials and tombstones, some of which have been there for centuries. You may even see the ghost of the lady with dark hair all dressed in white who is supposed to haunt the graveyard. Anything is possible.

However, the St Nicholas Cemetery has recently had some unwelcome visitors which, for many, can be even more frightening. The gravesite has been inundated with rodents, which have been running around and building their nests on the grounds. The local council had taken steps in the past to rectify by using poison, but the rats have returned tenfold.

A local observed rats emerging from underneath a bin by the Union Street gate. There were almost two dozen, which he believed may have been attracted by discarded food waste, and the various fast food establishments in the area.

There have been images of huge rodents seen at various parts of the gravesite, while vermin have been seen burrowing holes under tombstones and crawling inside. This has understandably caused criticism in some quarters and calls for the kirk to be better maintained.

Especially considering its location, in the centre of Aberdeen, and the fact it has added comfortable new benches to be more visitor friendly. However, the sight of rats running around may put people off from coming, particularly as they have not gone unnoticed.

The local council has acknowledged there was a problem and its pest control team were working on it. They were proceeding with their enquiries, maintaining they will continue treating the site until the situation has reached a satisfactory conclusion.

If you presently have an issue with an infestation, Pest-Master Ltd will also not stop until you are completely satisfied. Our qualified experts have experience in dealing with all different kinds of pest issues.

It can be distressing to face an influx of rodents, especially at a place that means a lot to you. Be it your residence or workplace, or, as in this case, a site of historical significance. But, whatever the circumstances, we can alleviate any pest situation, using time tested methods We can make your rat problem history. Just as you have come to expect from Pest-Master Environmental Services.


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