Mature And Stylish Petite Clothing For Women Who Want The Right Fit


Mature and Stylish Petite Clothing for Women Who Want the Right Fit

Pantlegs that don’t need to be hemmed, long sleeves that come right to the wrist, dresses that fit in the bodice and the skirt – these are what petite women’s dreams are made of. From the moment we start shopping for ourselves, the serious struggle of finding petite clothing for women that fits comfortably and flatteringly consumes our shopping experience. These days it’s hard to find a petite section bigger than a postage stamp in department stores and mall shops, let alone the right size and cut for your body. It seems like just about anywhere you go, petite ladies are getting the short end of the stick. But the petite dream is more than just a dream – at Four Seasons Direct, the fantasy of stylish, perfectly fitting clothes is now a reality!

If you’re sick of wasting time in big-name stores that never carry what you need, then it’s time to leave it all behind and move to a brighter store that was made for you. Four Seasons has been providing alternate sizes for decades, ever since they noticed the lack of readily available plus size clothing in their area. Today, Four Seasons caters to all sizes, including a full range of petite clothing for women in both standard and short cuts. So not only will your pants fit you in the waist and inner seam, but you can finally stop cuffing too long pantlegs! Best of all, with the wide variety of options available at Four Seasons Direct – Four Seasons’ online shop – you’ll be able to rock your own style without sacrificing that perfect fit!

Four Seasons Direct takes the stress out of shopping, allowing you to browse all the latest styles and trends with confidence as your filter for your size and style preferences. No more wandering from rack to rack, sorting through countless versions of the same shirt on a hunt to find one in your size and hope it hasn’t been sold out already. With just a few clicks on the Four Seasons Direct site, you can narrow the options down to exactly what you like and clear away the clutter of everything else. Shop by size, by garment, by color, by price, or by brand to find the exact style you’re after.

And when it comes to the brands you love, you’ll find Four Seasons Direct has no shortage of high-quality labels. After all, a store so dedicated to keeping up with the latest fashion trends for women is bound to have all the favorites like Alfred Dunner and Ruby Rd. Whether your style is the business casual type or the mature socialite, the perfect look is waiting for you at Four Seasons Direct. Browse dress pants, leggings, t-shirts, sweaters, tunic tops, dresses, and more, all in beautiful petite sizes and styles that will compliment your body.

Don’t forget to follow Four Seasons’ Facebook page so you’ll never miss out on the newest petite clothing for women as it hits their shelves! Plus, get details on upcoming fashion shows showcasing the season’s latest trends, and special events that make shopping with Four Seasons all the sweeter. Stop dreading clothes shopping and start loving your look again with the help of Four Seasons Direct!


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