Snake Venom Smuggling


Snake Venom Smuggling

There are many smuggling happens all over the world. Most of these smuggling are based on electronics goods, drugs, gold or diamonds. But do you know that Snake Venom is also one of the most smuggled items? The snake venom is very frequently smuggled to overseas countries. Many countries import the snake venom to add them to narcotic drugs. Waiting to know more about the snake venom and it’s smuggling all over the world. Here, in this article let us discuss the snake venom smuggling. Scroll down the page and check out more interesting things about it.

To which palaces the snake venom is smuggled?

The snake venom smuggling is most happening in India. This smuggling had made it a base from South India to overseas countries. The export of snake venom is illegal and recently enforcement agencies had brought them into the light. This snake venom is used to mix in many drugs. Europe, Bangladesh, Southeast Asia, and China are some of the countries where this snake venom will be exported. The smugglers export the snake venom in inconspicuous jars to export them to other countries.

How Snake Venom is smuggled?

The smugglers extract the venom from four poisonous snakes. The snake venom is extracted a minimum four times from each snake. At once, the smugglers will extract 100 mg of venom from cobra, 70mg from Russell's viper, 10mg from krait, and 1.5mg venom from a saw-scaled viper. This venom is taken from the snakes and later made into powder texture. Many countries import this snake venom to use them as anti-venom serum. The price of snake venom is very much high in the underground market.

Generally, snake venom is taken from many wild creatures. These snakes venom of the cobra, Russell's viper, krait, and saw-scaled viper price is as high as the sky. Just 5 kgs of snake venom price can fetch the astronomical prices. The snake venom will be smuggled at a high rate to all countries in their respective sizes. The minimum profit gained from snake venom will be nearly Rs.100 crores worth.


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