Kevlar Jeans


Kevlar jeans

Simply known as ‘Kevlar jeans’ to most bikers, this sweeping naming convention hides a vast array of technical innovation and wildly different construction methods which all achieve the same thing: combining protection from impact and abrasion with the casual looks of the world’s favorite cotton product.

Technically, Kevlar jeans are not Kevlar jeans at all: most commonly they are Kevlar-lined denim jeans, and quite often the Kevlar is not Kevlar but the generic version called Aramid.

Kevlar is a trademark of the fiber specialists DuPont; it is their version of the aramid fiber, milled into the Kevlar thread, whose singular quality is its strength. The thread is turned into Kevlar fabrics that protect mankind from all sorts of ills, from abrasion protection in motorcycle jeans to bullet-proof vests.

What makes a Kevlar-based fabric special is not so much that DuPont has fundamentally reengineered the aramid fiber, but that DuPont are specialists in their field: which means that abrasion-resistant fabric made from the Kevlar  fiber is of consistently high quality. To ensure this is still the case in the end product, DuPont control the production chain from yarn to final garment.


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