Biker Jeans


Biker Jeans

The Biker Jeans was born as a project of Neofabrics Weaving Company which is a manufacturer of high fashion woven fabrics in Turkey since 1997. With the experience in the textile industry for more than 20 years and the company owner's motorcycle passion are combined results of unique design motorcycle clothing. We produce in our own boutique production unit to control every stage of production to maximize quality and perfection. And products send for testing and certifications at the top institutes in Italy, Germany, UK, and Turkey. Our philosophy is to joint high-end fashion with safety for motorcycle riders. Therefore we always follow new innovations and fashion patterns to produce best daily wearable motorcycle clothing. Our products are designed to satisfy both the needs of being protective and fashionable. Our riding jeans look just casual daily normal jeans, as it does on the bike. Our mission is to get a global brand in Motorcycle Clothing by work hard on our customer's requests, feedbacks, and satisfaction warranty.


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