Fix Google Assistant Or Ok Google Is Not Working On Iphone


Fix Google Assistant Or Ok Google Is Not Working on iphone

In what ways you can fix Google's assistant on the iPhone?

Many users have been benefitted today because of Google Assistant as this is an instant search that is available on the iPhone and iPad. You just have to ask the question by using your voice command or by typing in the search bar. Google is always ready for helping users with their queries.

The possibilities of Google assistant not working might be because of the two reasons: Google not able to recognize the voice or it is not working. Well, let us see the steps that can fix the issue on the iPhone.

Fix Google Assistant by these steps:

Clear the basics: The first step is to check the basics of the phone. The thing that tops the list is checking the hardware issue, especially on the microphone. Another thing and the method to be taken is to test the microphone of the smart phone. You can clean the hole of the microphone.

Google app not working: Sometimes, the app behaves way out of proportion because of the new update or it itself carries the bugs. What can be done is that you can click on “Force stop” by going in the app settings.

These steps will help the users to get their issues resolved. if the problem is still there, they can get in touch with the customer care executives for more help and assistance.


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