Buy Empty Juul Pods From Blankz!


Buy Empty Juul Pods From Blankz!

Juul has exploded in popularity over the last few years. These disposable pod vaporizers are now a household name and there are hundreds of thousands of vapers using these devices. If you are a fan of Juuling, you know that the cost of Juul’s replaceable pods can add up quickly. At Blankz pods, we have created our own pod vaping system that features compatibility with Juul’s design. If you are looking to Buy Empty Juul Pods, our refillable pods are the perfect option for your vape.

One of the biggest draws on the pod vaping phenomenon is the simplicity of these devices. Unlike traditional mod and atomizer vapes, you do not need to know all of the ins and outs of a pod system to achieve peak performance. Because the atomizer has been replaced with simple interchangeable pods, there is no need to replace coils or wicks. You don’t even need to push any buttons on the draw-activated Juul. You simply hit it as needed and once the pod is empty, it is normally just disposed of and a new pod is inserted.

Here at Blankz!, we have created a line of pods that can be reused 2 or 3 times. The refilling process takes only a few seconds and you can easily fill several pods at once and be set for days of vaping. The ability to fill your own pods means that you no longer have to restrict your vaping to the handful of flavors Juul offers. Instead, you can grab a bottle of any nicotine salt e-liquid you want to refill your pods. We even offer a selection of e-liquids on our site that we have tested and approved for use in Blankz! Pods. You can buy empty Juul pods by themselves or save even more when you purchase a package with an e-liquid. We even allow users to design their own e-liquids to fill their vape pods.

You may be wondering why out reusable pods have a limited lifespan. Unfortunately, the Juul platform was built around the disposable pods. This means that the internal coil and wick are only designed to handle one pod’s worth of use. We have designed our coil setup to last longer, but they will eventually accumulate residue and produce a foul taste. Because of the Juul pod’s small footprint, a pod with a replaceable coil would be extremely difficult to engineer without leaking and other issues. We are confident that when you try our pods in your Juul, you will be pleased with their performance and the amount you save over name brand pods.

When you use a refillable Blankz! pod in your device, you can save over 50% compared to the pods offered by Juul. You also gain the added benefit of producing less waste and getting to control your own flavor choices. If you want to buy empty Juul pods, delicious e-liquids, or our high-performance vape battery, visit our site today.


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