Global Peptides And Macrocycle Drug Discovery Market Expected To Rise Steadily Throughout 2020 - 2030


Global Peptides and Macrocycle Drug Discovery Market Expected to Rise Steadily throughout 2020 - 2030

Roots Analysis has done a detailed study on Peptides and Macrocycle Drug Discovery: Services and Platforms Market, 2020-2030, covering key aspects of the industry’s evolution and identifying potential future growth opportunities.

Key Market Insights

  • More than 35 industry players claim to offer services for the identification, characterization and development of peptides and macrocycle-based pharmacological lead candidates
  • Several technology developers have made significant contributions in terms of developing novel platforms, based on a variety of innovative approaches, for the discovery of peptide-based drugs and macrocyclic molecules.
  • Service providers are expanding their capabilities in order to enhance their respective portfolios; display libraries have emerged the most popular platforms.
  • In recent years, a steady increase in partnership activity has been observed, resulting in the establishment of a variety of deals related to different types of peptides and macrocycles.
  • Drug developers are likely to continue to outsource discovery stage operations for therapeutic peptides and macrocyclic drugs in mid to long term, resulting in multi-billion growth for contract service providers.
  • Given the recent developments in healthcare, supporting safety and efficacy of peptide and affiliated macrocycle drugs, the industry is presently witnessing an increase in discovery and development initiatives related to such therapeutic modalities.

Table of Contents

    • Scope of the Report
    • Research Methodology
    • Chapter Outlines
    • Chapter Overview
    • History of Peptide Drugs
    • Structure of Peptides
    • Major Classes of Peptides
    • Discovery Stages of Peptides
    • Synthesis of Peptides
    • Modification of Peptides
    • Methods for Peptide Analysis
    • Contract Research Organizations (CROs) in Peptides and Macrocycle Drug Discovery
    • Key Factors in CRO Selection
    • Risks and Challenges Associates with CROs
    • Chapter Overview
    • Peptides and Macrocycle Drug Discovery Service Providers: Overall Market Landscape
      • Analysis by Year of Establishment
      • Analysis by Company Size
      • Analysis by Location of Headquarters
      • Analysis by Drug Discovery Steps
      • Analysis by Type of Peptides Discovered
      • Analysis by Peptide Generation Methods Used
      • Analysis by Peptide Modification Methods Used
      • Analysis by Other Services Offered
    • Chapter Overview
    • Methodology
    • Region-wise Benchmarking
      • Europe, Peer Group I
      • North America, Peer Group II
      • Asia Pacific, Peer Group III
    • Summary of Region-wise Benchmarking Analysis
    • Company Size-wise Benchmarking
      • Companies in Different Peer Groups
      • Small Companies, Peer Group I
      • Mid-Sized Companies, Peer Group II
      • Large and Very Large Companies, Peer Group III
    • Summary of Company-Size wise Benchmarking Analysis
    • Chapter Overview
    • Peptides and Macrocycle Drug Discovery Platform Providers: Overall Market Landscape
      • Analysis by Year of Establishment
      • Analysis by Company Size
      • Analysis by Location of Headquarters
      • Analysis by Type of Peptides Discovered
    • 2X2 Matrix
      • Section Overview
      • 2X2 Matrix: An Overview
      • Methodology and Scoring
      • 2X2 Matrix: Plotting the Information
      • 2X2 Matrix: Analyzing the Information
        • High / High Compartment
        • Low / High Compartment

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