Casino Magic


Casino Magic

What makes for an awesome casino experience? In a traditional setting you would walk into the building with many bright lights, while hearing all the bells and whistles from machines, along with the excitement of those yelling “I WON”. An online casino has a different challenge to create a fun and enjoyable experience for the player. First and foremost the design and presentation of the website should be attractive and inviting. Sharp graphics will leave a lasting imagine in the player’s mind. The site should be able to load the games quickly and all games should be easy to navigate through. ProperSix team has done this and more with their online casino platform! The casino will also be accessible to players through their personal cell phones, which is a positive for those always on the go. Game choice is huge with the ProperSix team working hard to developed new and exciting games. Visit to check out all the options!

Casino Magic

· Blackjack — 21 or bust in this quick game of cards.
· Casino Craps — place your bet; roll the dice, good luck!
· Cave of Wonders Slots — ride your magic carpet towards bonus rounds.
· Medieval Slots — don’t get thrown into the dungeon, spin again!
· Bingo — complete the board and win the game.
· Poker — traditional five card to test your hand.
· Roulette — black or red will bring the fortune.
· Jacks or Better — daily bonus coins are offered with this game.

The amount of diverse options presented with the ProperSix online Casino Magic, will keep your attention for hours of fun gaming. The variety of payment methods given to the user make it very simple to play. Purchase your Pro6 token with either fiat currency of other supported crypto, such as BTC, LTC, ETH and XRP. When you’re ready to withdraw earnings, consider it simple! Cash out and go, with paying a minimal fee of course. ProperSix will offer a live dealer for certain games. You will also be able to find customer support if needed. Bonuses and promotions are another aspect to focus on when looking for an online casino. ProperSix has added a handful of extras into their gaming algorithm to ensure the players have an opportunity to earn more with free spins and bounces.

One question that many do ask… are online casinos really a safe environment to play? Remember that ProperSix will be using a blockchain based platform. You will have the Pro6 token for all game play with complete transaction transparency given to the player. Essentially it is an ERC20 token. The storing of your tokens will be easy and convenient. This means that as an online casino player, you can have a dedicated hot or cold wallet to send your tokens to. ProperSix has implemented various security protocols throughout their online casino and exchange to help keep your crypto protected!



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