How To Make A Good Homemade Shower Gel?


How to Make a Good Homemade Shower Gel?

There are a significant number of brands that are selling shower gels of different types, which vary in composition and effectiveness. But have you ever thought of making your own distinct, pure, and natural shower gel on your own? Keep reading to know how to make your own shower gel at your home.

There are many ways by which you can create your very own shower gel. And also, different ways lead to produce different types of shower gels that include basic shower gel, creamy shower gel, and thick sea salt shower gel. The basic ingredient you need to make any kind of shower gel is liquid Castile soap. In addition to this, you may add different types of essential oils and fragrances as per your requirement to make a good shower gel just like those available on Sports Inside.

How to make a basic shower gel at your home?

The ingredients you need to make a basic shower gel

(a) ¾ cup (176 ml) of liquid castile soap

(b) ½ cup (118 ml) of liquid honey

(c) ¾ cup (176 ml) of carrier oil

(d) 15 drops of essential oils

Method to make a basic shower gel

Take a clean squeeze bottle and insert a funnel into the mouth of the bottle. These bottles can be taken from old empty soap bottles, empty shampoo bottles, or any other empty bottles present at your home.

The funnel will keep the work tidy, and it will prevent any extra splashes and spillage. Now add castile soap into the bottle and then pour in honey into it with a little quantity of scent into the mixture.

Which scent should you add to your homemade shower gel?

(a) Floral scent

(b) Citrus scent

(c) Peppermint scent

(d) Pure (mild) unscented

Adding carrier oil

Now it is the time when you should add a carrier oil to your prepared mixture in the bottle. Keep the funnel inserted into the mouth of the bottle as it would allow easy pouring of the essential oil to prevent any mess. Carrier oil is basically vegetable-based oil; this oil is used for several purposes.

The functions of a carrier oil

(a) Lower the consistency of an essential oil

(a) Prevent irritation of the skin

(a) Add moisture to the skin

A few popular carrier oils that you can add to your homemade shower gel

(a) Avocado

(b) Sesame

(c) Argan

(d) Sweet almond

(e) Coconut

(f) Olive

(g) Jojoba

(h) Grapeseed

Adding essential oil

Now comes the turn of essential oil to go into the prepared mixture in the bottle. Essential oil is used to add a good scent to your homemade shower gel and to balance the fragrances of the ingredients that are used in the making of the gel. This is done in order to neutralize the scent of the gel so that it feels pleasant to smell.

Which essential oil you should use in making a homemade shower gel?

(a) Orange oil

(b) Sweet orange and rose oil

(c) Lavender oil

How to keep the level of scent strong?

    Add 50 drops of the essential oil

Is essential oil necessary to make a homemade shower gel?

No, it is completely up to you if you want to add essential oil into your homemade shower gel or not. You may go for a non-scented shower gel if you don't like adding essential oil to your gel. Or you may also keep the quantity of the essential oil very little if you prefer a shower gel with an extremely light scent.

Shaking the mixture well before use

Now remove the funnel from the bottle and apply lid to the bottle. Always keep in mind to shake the mixture very well before use; this is recommended in order to ensure good mixing of all the ingredients to give better results. So, shake the bottle very well for even distribution of the oils.

How to use the homemade shower gel?

You can keep the homemade shower gel as a replacement to your branded soaps or branded shower gels. Never forget to pour some water on your skin before applying the shower gel. So wet your skin and add a tablespoon of shower gel onto a wet shower sponge.

You can also apply the shower gel on a wet cloth, a wet puff, or directly onto your wet hands if you are not comfortable with using a shower sponge. Now lather the shower gel and apply it well on your body. Rinse it off after a few minutes of massage.

To wrap it up!

No one wants any compromise on the quality of the product that he is going to use on his skin. For this reason, market items, no matter how well-known brands they belong to, never satisfy all the people in the world. So, one should make a little effort to make his own shower gel according to his needs and tastes to take a better advantage from it for a long time.






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