Amazing Green Ideas To Celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi


Amazing green ideas to celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi

Lord Ganesha, the elephant-headed god is the favorite deity for many. We all know that Hindu festivals and Pujas are incomplete without beginning the occasion with His name. Hence every auspicious religious event among Hindus is initiated only after remembering His name. Welcoming Lord Ganesha is an annual event that is celebrated with zest, pomp, and show. Several households and pandals witness the installation of His idols. It is believed that during the 10-day event, Lord Ganesha visits earth with His mother Goddess Parvati. Celebration mode is in full swing during this time and people have come forth with amazing green ideas to celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi.

The main idea is to save the planet from the evil clutches of pollution. Immersion of idols in water bodies has been the normal trend for ages. But awareness has finally dawned in the mindset of people and they have started ways to curb the creation of hurdles that pollute the environment. Since the idols of made of plaster of Paris and this is a non-biodegradable substance that floats in the water for a long time, thereby choking the water bodies. Hence going eco-friendly is one of the best ways to conserve the green planet and make it greener.

Use eco-friendly Ganesha idol:

Ganesha idols, in recent years, are designed using natural clay, coconut, organic fertilizer, and potting mix. Natural paint is used for decorating the idol. A fertilizer like cow dung used for the making of the idol is beneficial for the growth of plants after immersion. This is ideal as the idol easily mixes in water and immersing the same is the water body is not a harmful affair.

Limit the number and size of idols:

Big size idols are difficult to immerse in water. It also occupies much space. Bigger idols also consume more raw materials like POP or normal clay for designing that can finally add to the pollution levels. Moreover, it is also difficult to transport big idols and sometimes the idols do not get completely dissolved in water. Therefore, it is better to have small-sized idols and keep the environment green. The idea is to celebrate eco-friendly Ganesh Utsav.

Again, instead of having too many idols in homes and pandals, it is better to join hands and celebrate the festival as a community.

Artificial immersion tanks:

For the immersion of the idol, the artificial tanks can be used and the water can be later used for growing plants. For home idols also a bucket of water is used for immersion of the idol.

Save energy/electricity

Be wise with the selection of light decorations and do not go overboard. It is better to use LED lights that are energy-efficient and do not create much pollution in the environment. It should be lit for shorter periods of time and earthen lamps can also be used for decoration. The use of such products also adds a touch of elegance to the festival. It is one of the most innovative Ganesh Chaturti celebration ideas.

Community Compost:

The offerings to the deity-like flowers, garlands, etc. should be collected in the community pit. This can be turned into manure and can be used as fertilizer for the plants. The non-biodegradable waste can be further reused or recycled. In this way, the planet can be conserved and people can be encouraged to celebrate the eco-friendly festival.

Keep the volume down of the loudspeakers

Noise pollution is another way to harm the environment and people like children and senior citizens. It has been noticed that people tend to put on loud music during visarjans and in the pandals also. They should be encouraged to lower the volume of the music and loudspeaker so that people and the environment are not adversely affected. The importance of eco-friendly Ganesha Chaturti celebration is doubled in this way.

Design eco-friendly pandals

This is the best way to put your creative streak to use. Make pandals with eco-friendly products like reusable and recyclable materials. Since the set-up is a temporary one, it is best to make use of reusable items and dismantle the same and use it again.

Use rangoli colours for decoration

Making beautiful rangolis is an important part of decorations. It is better to do away with chemical-based rangoli products and use natural products like saffron, sandal, turmeric, and natural dyes.

Ashtavinayaka tour from Mumbai can be done in public transport. There are devotees who might exhibit interest to have a tour of the city immersed in the celebration. They also indulge in pandal-hopping and have a great time. There are stalls in the pandals where delicacies can be enjoyed. Tourists will definitely have a good time exploring the city during this part of the year.

Even households that install the idols of the Lord welcome people for darshan. They receive the guests with warmth and affection. Ashtavinayaka darshan from Pune can be exciting for the people. They can be a part of the festival and get soaked in the festivities of the event. Merry-making of different sorts in seen in different parts of the city.


Lord Ganesha is the God of power and wisdom. His name is taken before the initiation of any work. It is considered auspicious to pay respect to the Lord before leaving for an important task. Any religious ceremony is considered incomplete without taking His name.


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