How To Design Your Log Cabins And Houses


How to Design Your Log Cabins and Houses

Designing your residential log cabin can be both fun and a challenge. The best place to start is by looking at existing plans which provide great layout ideas. Research as many designs as you can find - there are a lot out there for free. There are numerous manufacturers that will send you their log cabin Ireland brochure. You will find plans on their websites as well.

Make sure you have a plot of the property with required setbacks marked on it. Know what exact footage you have to work with. The size, shape, zoning constraints, slope, orientation and drainage of your property all need to be factored in your plan considerations.

My property has a thirty-degree slope from front to back and is much narrower at the top than the bottom. The slope required a horizontally oriented structure. The property lines and width of the structure determined how far back from the street I could build it.

There will be a lot of similar models offered by different manufacturers. Find a general design that strikes your fancy. For example, they all had a model that's particularly appealing to me.

It has a great room in the rear, master bedroom with bathroom, kitchen, dining area and half bath on the first floor. Upstairs includes two bedrooms, a bath, and a loft area. Pick out one that most closely fits your requirements.

I think the most useful time I spent was visiting log cabins on manufacturer tours. Not necessarily convenient, but well worth the effort. I found a cabin with my desired layout design that also had a basement which I will need to build. We got a better feel for space and picked up several great ideas that the owner incorporated in his home. Seeing the layout in person was extremely valuable.

Everyone's final layout is usually a modification of an existing plan. Keep your changes as simple as possible. I plan to lengthen the front to back dimension of the cabin about four to six feet from the plan, allowing for the larger great room, kitchen and master bedroom areas.

Don't forget the decks. I have a gorgeous view of the Blue Ridge Mountains from the back of the cabin. The plan deck length will be increased another four to six feet. I'd like a screened-in the porch on the side of the cabin but will probably not have enough room. Tradeoffs will always come into play.

Speaking of tradeoffs, let's not forget one of the key constraints that most of us, unfortunately, must address - your budget. Get your builder/manufacturer to give you price estimates of your desired layout. If your dream house is bigger than your wallet, be ready to be flexible. For budgetary reasons, I plan to finish off my basement sometime down the road, even though it's more economical to do it upfront.

In summary, do your research, be flexible and enjoy the adventure!

A Great Way to Enjoy Life Outside the City


If you are one of the many people that enjoy spending their time in nature, whether in the forest or elsewhere, then log home floor plans may be a terrific option for you. When it comes time to buy your home then buy from This style has a lot to offer those who are interested in a woodsy, outdoorsy kind of living.

 From a purely aesthetic standpoint, it looks grand and classic, with the wood-built, shaved and shaped in a way that fits in perfectly with a nice, wooded surrounding. But it looks classic as well. When others drive to your house, it will be noticeable and a talking point. There are so many wonderful aspects of buying a home that are not only styled in this way, but located in lesser populated areas.

For one, it is much quieter. Gone are the noises of the streets, such as loud cars or music blaring from speakers. And you can also get away from all of the sirens and madness that can sometimes be a little frustrating when trying to relax in the evening with your loved ones or just trying to get some work done.

Second, it is certainly romantic. When you go forward with small log cabin floor plans, you will be able to customize certain aspects of them. You can place the fireplace somewhere near a window, where you can sit back and look at the beauty of the area with the one you love.

You may not be deep into nature, but even getting a little further out can provide for some really pretty views. And you will also be further away from the city lights, so you may get an eyeful of stars in the evening. And that can be a stunning sight.

And lastly, it is a nice change of pace. The majority of us have not really lived outside of the traditional styled home or apartment building. But when you find log home floor plans, you will find that there are so many more opportunities out there. You can find huge, open family rooms. Or warm, cozy dens to do all of your work in.

There are many different qualities that make this such a popular plan for home buyers. And it is definitely something worth checking out whenever you are in the market. It can be something beautiful and interesting and new, which is always great!

When you are in the market, HDA, Inc. has the best log home Dublin plans that you will find. You can easily decide on how you would like your log home floor plans to look, or where you would like to alter your log cabin floor plans. Go with HDA, Inc., and experience what it is like to live in your dream home.


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