Cape Town Day Trips A Mini Guide


Cape Town Day Trips a Mini Guide

Cape Town is one of the popular destinations in Africa and of course. The 300-year history is a blend of cultures and is presented by an amalgamation of old and new architecture scattered throughout the city. Recently, the so-called "jet set," discovered and perfected Cape Town's stunning beaches and vibrant culture.

Explore Cape Town by car

Traveling in the Cape Town Day Trips suburbs and its hinterland is a paradise trip and definitely worth a road trip. Enjoy stunning mountains, beautiful coves, secluded beaches, charming historic towns, and vast vineyards.

See "Best of all" in the glory of the Group Tours in South Africa. It can be easily reached with many clear hiking trails for major cable cars or outdoor fans. Another big rise is the conical lion's head next to him. Moreover, at the foot of the mountain, you lose yourself with the incredible variety of animals in Kirstenbosch's Botanical Garden.

Start a unique "mountain back" hike on the Riviera-like beaches, Bay Camps and Clifton Beach. Ride on the spectacular Chapman Peak and visit Llandudno and Bay Hot. Continue to the "end of Africa" ​​at Cape Point Reservation, where sea giants are known. Bus Tour Cape Town, you can peek at Mosenberg's endless beach and Simonston's stunning naval base.

Back to Cape Town

A trip to Cape Town means getting into South Africa from the very busy Johannesburg international airport and enjoying a two-hour flight arriving in the city. However, more and more airlines are moving directly to Cape Town International Airport. Still far from world-class, there are many regional flights to South African cities. There are shuttle buses and regular taxis from the city airport. Some are just a 20-minute drive away and go directly to various hotels in the city.

Although still very popular, the train from Johannesburg to Cape Town is a memorable trip. Old ones are relatively safe and comfortable. Although it is a long hike, it is worth exploring the legendary Caro desert. When you enter the city, you can get a glimpse of the wine homeland.

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