Accounts Receivable Outsourcing Services In United States


accounts receivable outsourcing services in United States

At AGC's accounts receivable process in bpo outsourcing solutions give you an accurate assessment of your due invoices and give you an idea of your financial stability. Our job is to deliver you the perfect accounts receivable report services for collection and high-end cash flow management. AGC offers to handle the customer invoices and also can manage the customers. AGC also optimizes the order to cash processes to gain operational efficiencies and also helps to predict future standing and thus it helps to enhance new opportunities.

It is very much essential for an organization to meet its goals in terms of cash flow, it needs to have effective accounts. Accounts Receivables Process ensures that companies can get back their payments in a short period of time, improve their collection rates and helps to make sure faster processing of invoices which will all contribute to increasing the cash flow. An Organizations's financial accounting service provides various services such as book-keeping, payroll, processing, tax preparation and returns, payable and receivable account management. To maintain a proper balance between accounts payable and receivable is only possible if an organization can access actual information.

AGC Accounts Receivable services include many -

  1. Sales Orders
  2. Sales orders to invoicing conversion.
  3. Matching invoices with customer payments.
  4. Invoice receipt verification
  5. Monthly open balance statements to customers.
  6. Cash Application.
  7. Credit Memos Processing.
  8. Adherence of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles.
  9. Reduction of cost with total assurance.
  10. Use of the latest technology.
  11. Customer care service is also available

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