Can't Access Mywifiextnet - Fix With Expert


Can't access Mywifiextnet - Fix With Expert

There is a possibility that you come across different errors while trying to configure the extender on If you are facing this problem, then the steps to get rid of it are

  • Keep the extender and the router in the same room till the time the setup is not complete.
  • Check the LED light related to the computer to device and device to computer link.
  • Check whether the device is properly plugged to the power source.
  • Try entering the default IP address of your range extender:

If the problem is still at large, then reset the browser and clear all cache and browsing history from it. You can also try accessing the same page from an alternate browser. Like if you have tried on Internet explorer earlier, then try opening on Mozilla now. This may sometimes solve the problem.

  • Connect the PC to the extender through Ether cable.
  • Provide Static IP address to the computer and note down the default gateway address of your windows or router before continue with making any changes in the router settings. Use the default IP address and the subnet mask address provided by the internet service provider.
  • If you are using the Mac OS, then change the TCP/IP and proxy settings.

If you are still facing the same problem or the error message, then no need to search around on Google, contact the experts.

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