These Guys Are So Full Of Crap, So


These guys are so full of crap, so

These guys are so full of crap, so the Twitch flow yesterday about all the"new" stuff in Madden NFL 21 was nothing but them yanking on the back after they dropped us such as hot rocks back in April. buy Madden 21 coins really is a pity b/c Madden may be something fantastic, but EA does not give two turds about their client base. They make this big statement that they heard the community about the problems but it shouldn't have come to this b/c the franchise community was mad about the stuff for years.

Look, I honestly hope they improve the game for your community, but I refuse to provide another penny to EA. In reality, my entire family like three nephews, my brother and my son have all decided to boycott EA and from what nephews and my son explained they have several friends who are currently doing exactly the same. More people follow suit b/c the way EA will alter their ways is if we strike them we are it hurts, the profit margin. Peace out, peeps, this neighborhood is amazing and we deserve better.You could follow the development of your favorite players; when PUs came out it thought it was cool and anybody may have any player that they desired. Recall most people would have to accept the fact and when high value card would come out or wait until end game. I wish it'd return to fixed chems on gamers. You needed to make compromise and concessions to earn the chem boost. You needed to tweak your own team 8 times to complete.

The dilemma is that EA will never come near making as they do in actual life, players play. And whats worse is that EA won't give gameplay precisely the time that it needs. That is why speed is essential. It's one of the features that separate cards. One thing is not all motif teams are made equal. Teams like the 49ers and Steelers TT are god squads. However, a team like Dolphins and the Cardinals are gonna have a hard time competing. With this using a TT type of turns MUT to 14, I do concur but I'd rather I have the choice. Essentially EA has to do a better job with creativity and gameplay.


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