Smart Irrigation Controllers Market Set To Witness Uptick During 2024


Smart Irrigation Controllers Market Set To Witness Uptick During 2024

Water scarcity is currently considered a significant environmental issue across the globe. Although commercial industry and agriculture industry use majority of the water resources, the residential sector has also become a major end user of the same, and this trend can be witnessed largely in the developed countries. Several studies have showcased that majority of the residential usage of water resources is being used for landscape irrigation. Though irrigation is important for maintaining the plant health, excess watering can lead to a negative impact both on the environment as well as on the economy.

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With a considerable increase in the global population, declining agricultural lands, and depletion of natural resources, the need to enhance farm yield has become critical. Limited availability of natural resources such as fresh water and arable land, along with sluggish rate of yield in several staple crops, have further aggravated the issue. Another concern plaguing the agriculture industry is the shifting structure of agricultural workforce toward the non-agriculture or service industry. As a result of the declining agricultural workforce, adoption of internet connectivity solutions, smart technologies in agricultural practices has increased.

To meet the growing demand of the agricultural produce from the limited farmlands and labor, established agriculture machinery developers and technology vendors are introducing innovative solutions in the agricultural arena. These solutions are focused on helping farmers close the supply-demand gap by ensuring high yields, profitability, and protection of the environment. The approach of using smart technology to ensure optimum application of water to achieve high crop yields and reduce operational costs is called smart irrigation. Smart irrigation controllers are being used in the residential and commercial industry since 2000. Smart irrigation controllers reduce the outdoor water usage by monitoring and controlling the information about the site and then applying the required amount of water. Smart irrigation controllers are a new generation of irrigation controllers which use the weather conditions, current and historic evapotranspiration, soil moisture levels, and other factors to meet the water demand with regard to plants.

With the introduction of IoT, the agriculture industry has undergone a revolutionary phase in the coming years. Integration of sensors in traditional irrigation controllers has led to a proper analysis of a large amount of weather and soil data with the help of software to provide landscape owners and growers with information to manage the water demand and the corresponding schedules. Earlier, the use of smart irrigation controllers were limited, but now with rapid advancements in technology, the application of smart irrigation controllers has gradually increased. Additionally, the use of smart irrigation were only prevalent in developed countries, however, developing countries also have realized its importance. In countries such as China and India, large use of smart irrigation controllers have led to the rapid adoption of smart irrigation solutions. The governments of several countries have realized the need and advantages of these technologies, and thus, their initiatives to promote smart irrigation are expected to further drive the growth in the market.

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Wide-scale adoption of the smart irrigation controllers is also expected to help in water conservation, thereby resulting in potential return on investments (ROI). Increasing awareness, along with the growing government support for promoting the use of smart irrigation, is expected to propel the market growth in the coming years.


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