What Are The IOS App Development Trends For 2020?


What are the IOS App Development Trends for 2020?

There is lots of competition in technology that we need to be aware of in the latest trends like iOS. iOS has an important part in the mobile app market. So let us discuss some of the iOS app development trends for 2020.

Given below are the list of  iOS trending apps that we will have considered in 2020:

1. Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence: In the industry, many businesses try to apply ML and AI technologies to their iOS applications. Artificial Intelligence doesn’t appear in 2020, but it brings a lot of positive changes.AI analyzes customers’ behavior and interactions that are likes, comments, and more and offers similar content.

The following are some uses of Artificial Intelligence.

Searching suggestions: This technology helps to improve the searching process. AI allows arranging search suggestions along with spelling corrections.  For example, Spotify tends to suggest new artists and albums that customers may like. Also, the service can consider the users’ activity and generate the playlist with their favorite genres, bands, and so on.

Siri: Siri becomes smarter. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning make Siri’s answers more accurate. In 2020, Siri is expected to analyze what’s happening with the user and make appropriate and precise suggestions based on the collected data.

Speech Recognition: The latest trends in iOS development focus on AI-based tools like Speech Recognition. For example, a well-known app ELSA Speak help learn English. The app uses Speech Recognition technology to create short dialogues with users.

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2. Augmented  Reality (AR): Augmented Reality is one of the next iOS app trends in 2020. In the past 2 years, we’ve experienced a passion for AR games like Pokémon Go and Dino Trek.

For example, well-known social media apps like Instagram and Snapchat have already added with Augmented Reality. 

Apple provides various tools to perform Augmented Reality actions:

ARKit 3:This technology moved forward and implement the showing content in front of or behind people, following up to three faces at a time.

Reality Composer. It allows us to develop animations and interactions on iOS to improve the application’s content.

RealityKit framework. The Data provided by ARKit is used to integrate basic items into the real world.

3. Internet of Things (IoT): The Internet of Things technology brings a lot of changes to routine tasks. IoT is one of the most important iOS development trends.

 IoT connects the various devices and transferring the information. Industries like logistics, agriculture, and healthcare can use IoT integration to their iOS applications. 

For example, iOS health applications can assist healthcare providers to check patient’s conditions at home and bring the data to the doctor. iOS applications powered by IoT lead to connect fitness trackers and smartwatches to smartphones. Their main work is collecting health data.

4.Wearables: There are a lot of wearable devices on the market like fitness trackers, smartwatches, smart jewelry, and more.

By the end of 2021, the market of wearable will reach approximately $62 billion Features of wearables are:

Health data collection: Users can use this device all the time, it’s perfect for tracking health marks such as heart rate, steps, burned calories, blood pressure, and etc.

Notifications:  Users can push notifications on their wrists which increases the commitment. For example, you can send users notifications when they are passing by your store, using iBeacon technology.

Social media: Wearable devices allow social media to analyze content. It is absolutely beneficial for businesses because the social network is a perfect marketing channel.

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 By seeing the future of iOS app development, it’s perfectly beneficial to create applications for industries such as fitness and healthcare. Wearable devices are improving their popularity due to their convenience. For example, messengers like Telegram and Slack have versions for Apple Watch, that allows receiving and sending messages.

5. Cloud Integration: One of the iOS app development trends for 2020 is cloud technology. It brings a lot of opportunities to iOS app development. It benefits the organizing and storing a large amount of information. Cloud-based iOS apps run on the cloud and increase the capability and productivity of applications. Hence it is beneficial for both developers and users. This tool helps mobile apps to store a large amount of data and manage complex tasks.  iOS engineers can use a cloud platform for developing applications, making them quicker and simpler.

Cloud technology has several advantages, those are:

Scalability: Any iOS app requires constant upgrades and updates to follow all the users’ requirements and expectations. Cloud solution offers higher scalability level.

Cost reduction: One more important benefit of cloud technology is cost savings.

Security: Some secure tools like, Dropbox and AWS have already offered an opportunity to run an application on the cloud.

6. iBeacon:  One of the powerful technology from Apple is iBeacon. It is getting more and more popular in marketing. So it is the iOS development course trends for 2020.

Beacon stands for wireless transmitters that send signals using Bluetooth technology.  It establishes the connection and pushes notification with a set message that appears on the user’s iPhone.

7. Chatbots: More than 50% of the customers want to have more handmade services. So, Chatbots mission perfectly works on those services.

Companies like Amazon and Facebook use chatbots to give their clients fast and absolute answers. This technology can helps customer support for various industries. And, it is available to work 24/7. Customers don’t need to wait for an answer. As for the companies, their credits grow because users get instant responses and make decisions faster.

8.High-Security Level:  It is One of the final iOS app development trends for 2020. Apple has already created a great security system.  There are a lot of cybercrimes, hence personal data protection is one of the important needed ones to secure the information. Developers can organize the AppTransportSecurity (ATS) into their applications to offer a higher security level. This powerful tool increases the privacy and data integrity of connections between iOS applications and web services.

In this article, I have explained iOS app development trends for 2020. I hope this article gives information about iOS app development trends which will rule in 2020.




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