What Are The Advantages Of Fabric Inspection Machine In 2020


What are the advantages of Fabric Inspection Machine in 2020

Textile Industries role in India has been quite beneficial, important in the economic growth of the country. Worldwide textile trades and clothing business has increased India’s GDP  to a large extent, as this sector has brought a huge amount of profitable revenue to the nation.“Amith Garment Services” including many others is one amongst the leading sectors in the Indian economy as they contribute almost, near to 14% of the total industrial productions. 


The textile industries in India are considered to be the largest revenue creators in accordance with foreign exchange compared to all other industrial sectors in India. Accordance with AT Kearney ‘Retail Apparel Index’, India was ranked as the fourth largest promising market for apparel industries in 2009, and also shared 63% of the global textile and garment market.


When it's about textile, Fabric inspection machine has an important role which is used to inspect fabric materials to find if there are any manufacturing defects, mechanical defects, holes, and dirty spots. Fabric inspection machines are built with the illuminated panel, which rotates and measures fabrics length and precisely mark distance between the defects on the inspected roll of fabric. 

Another important feature of Fabric Inspection machine is to check the tension of the fabric, which is an important the process is done before spread and cuts operations. Fabric Inspection Machines are used by Fabric manufacturers to check the quality of manufactured Fabric products, and also additional quality check is done before fabric materials are sent for spreading and cutting.

Fabric Inspection of the apparel industry is defined as a visual examination or review of raw materials. The fabrics are examined to check whether they meet the required measurements and whether they match standards as per the requirements. Fabric Inspection works on finding out defects at the earlier stage, so the time and money are not wasted on fixing the defects later. The final quality of a garment depends on the quality of fabric when it is received as a roll.  If there is any defect in the material then there would be a problem in its production. Only 20% of the fabric rolls which are received are inspected and evaluated. This way fabric-related quality problems are avoided before its put into production.

Some of the advantages are:

1) Efficient inspection is done on both medium and high-quality fabrics.

2) Both top and bottom illuminations are efficiently inspected. 

3) Reputed counter meters are used for measurements of lengths.

4) Timely delivery of products which are made with best raw materials.

5) Best manufacturing technologies are used to follow international standards like ASTM, BS, ISO

6) Along with the instrument's, calibration certificates are provided with traceability and complete detailed user manuals.

7) Services are provided to the customers, along with instant repairs and annual maintenance schemes.

8) User-friendly machines which improve productivity and reduces the labour force.


We totally offer quality solutions at every stage of manufacturing. Our Main Aim is to understand customers requirement technically and deliver the best, quality services. Any textile, fabric related queries or solutions regarding that you can get in touch with “Amith Garments”.


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