Essential Information About The Braces And Orthodontic


Essential information about the braces and orthodontic

At Dente Clinic, we initiated the art of practicing that offers comprehensive care that includes Cosmetic Dentistry and Dental Implants. Finding the Orthodontist in south Delhi is a challenging task. However, here you will find the professional and experiencedstaff that uses the latest technology and treatment techniques.

Being a reliable Orthodontist in south Delhi, it is our duty toprovides quality unmatched oral health to children and adult. We provide the different types of braces at affordable rates. They are:

  • Metal Brace:These are apply for the alignment of the teeth, jaw, and are visible braces.
  • Ceramic Brace: It is comprised of natural appealing wires and metal as natural tooth color.
  • Invisible Brace: These clean resins are worn directly on the teeth for the alignment purpose. They are less visible, thus known as the Invisalign braces.


Precautions to be taken while having orthodontics:

  • Oral health care is very important so don’t forget to visit the best clinic at least once a week
  • Always prefer cold water if you are suffering from the mouth sore or ulcers.
  • It is advisable to eat soft food to protect the orthodontics appliances.

Are there any risks of having the braces?

The chance of having complications by the braces for straitening the teeth is very less. In very few cases, it is notice to have tooth decay, tissue injuries, or soreness in the mouth. If there are any kind of problems then makes sure that youconsult your physician as soon as possible.

Why to choose us?

We believe healthy teeth and healthy smile. No doubt, Teeth enhance your beauty. If you are facing from any improper and irregular alignment then you can look for the Best root canal treatment in south Delhi and that too at affordable rate. The results are achievable as we have many years of experience and can maintain it even better.

Our best root canal treatment in South Delhi brings your smile back, wiped out the phobia of uncomfortable looks, and pain due to tooth decay.These new sets of permanent teeth brings smile and confidence again.


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