Now Every Villager Is The Best Buddy.


Now every villager is the best buddy.


Now every villager is the best buddy.

This is New Horizons Items more because of localization than anything tbh. Villagers in Japan consistently were sweet, which later on this was corrected and they became similar to what the japanese version is.

I want villagers who could be assholes. Or really, villagers that are their own individuals. Allow me to feel like those are actual personalities, not just artsy cookie-cut satisfaction bots given to me to play with.

The English translation wasn't faithful at all to the original, but man was it great. Nintendo of Japan was so impressed they re translated the translation are released it in Japan.

Subsequently NoA would need to develop it because they are responsible for all the villagers which were unique from the GameCube version.

Seriously; I moved back to the GameCube version (that I never possessed ) and intentionally pissed off Resetti because his writing was on fucking point

Got it, next Animal Crossing will have KK.Slider getting drunk, getting divorced and losing everything, eventually getting into a fist fight with his Ex's new boyfriend to get his hands crushed so badly he could no longer play guitar, and instead need to resort to playing the Didgeridoo.

I'm picturing Al picking up KK by his hands and clenching his fists as blood drips from between his fingers.

I recall that a moose or/and Grey wolf that has been a jerk, but after some time I started to just like him being a jerk, and also the times that he was buy Animal Crossing New Horizons Bells candy were special.


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