The Benefits Of Using Real Estate Agencies In Pakistan


The Benefits of Using Real Estate Agencies in Pakistan

Buying property for the purpose of settling down or investing is usually a one-time task for most of us. The real estate market in Pakistan is not a conventional real estate market at all. With an under regulated real estate sector, most of the times even basic real estate transactions can become a nightmare to deal with. The current government has taken some promising steps to regulate the sector. However, it will take another couple of years before the government starts documenting all real estate transactions that happen in the country. According to some real estate experts, the real estate sector’s magnitude is massive. However, due to lack of proper documentation and regulations, the real estate sector has largely gone undocumented in country’s economy.

If you are looking to perform a real estate transaction such as buying, selling, investing and investing in property, then you should employ services of a real estate agent. A real estate agent is your advocate and looks after your interest during a real estate transaction against a fee. In Pakistan, Real Estate Agents have a very stigmatic perception. According to some people, a real estate agent will cheat them. This might be true for some cases but does not apply to all real estate agents of Pakistan. A real estate agent is meant to look after their interest against monetary compensation. In the world of internet, the buyers and sellers of real estate are very knowledgeable and it’s near to impossible to hoodwink them.

Here are some of the benefits of using a real estate agencies for your real estate transaction in Pakistan:

  1. Market Knowledge – A good real estate agency employs services of specialist real estate agents who specialize in their area of working. For instance, if you are looking to sell your plot in Bahria Town Islamabad, then a real estate agent located in close proximity will have good knowledge about the prevailing plot prices in the area. These real estate experts are well versed with the current market and can give you a realistic assessment of your properties. After you employ services of a real estate agency, then it is their job to get your plot sold on market rate.
  2. Negotiation Experts – The real estate agencies are price negotiation experts. Once employed by you to look after your interest, it is now a real estate agent’s job to negotiate on your behalf. Whether you are selling, buying or leasing property, your real estate agent will represent you while negotiating. Since the real estate agents are market experts, they are usually successful with their bargains done on your behalf.
  3. Documentation Process – Real estate agents have a good grasp on documentation required for transfer and lease of properties. The most important aspect of real estate transactions is document verification. If you have hired services of a real estate agency, then it will be their responsibility to check the documentation and their legitimacy on your behalf.
  4. Transfer process – A real estate agent will be your key witness and advocate when you reach the process of property transferring. Transfer of property is the most crucial stage and you will need a real estate agent to explain you different documents such as sales deed and taxation. It is always good to have a real estate agent on your side to make the transfer process smooth.
  5. Transparent Dealing – A good real estate agency always prefers their deals to be above board and transparent. Whether you are a buyer or a seller of property, your real estate agent will to all the ground work and setup your meeting with potential buyer or seller. For instance if you are looking to sell your plot in Park View City Islamabad, then your real estate agency will coordinate all the transfer formalities.

Although Pakistan has an unregulated real estate infrastructure, but most of the real estate agencies in Pakistan prefer a transparent deal. Deal & Deals is premium real estate agency of Pakistan with multiple offices in Rawalpindi, Islamabad and Lahore. Deal & Deals is a platinum partner of Capital Smart City, Lahore Smart City, Park View City, Blue World City and Whispering Pines Resorts Islamabad.


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