More Tips On Grass Care


More Tips On Grass Care

More Tips On Grass Care



            Over time, a natural build up of thatch occurs in your lawn.  Thatch is the grass clippings, leaf breakage and root matter that lies upon the soil level at the base of the grass.  Some thatch is beneficial to your lawn, as it holds in moisture and heat, and will decompose to add more nutrients into the soil.  An overabundance of thatch, such as might be created by leaving long grass clippings on the lawn or simply an accumulation of the dying old grass.


            To determine if your lawn has too much thatch, pull a small plug of soil containing grass and roots from the lawn.  You will clearly be able to see the active growth of grass above the soil level, and the roots below.  Measure the area between the top of the soil and the area where the roots begin.  If the measurement is greater than about ½ inch, it would be a good idea to dethatch the yard.


            The best method of removing thatch is to purchase a thatching rake at a cost of around $30.  While the cost may seem high, compared to the cost of planting grass over your entire lawn again due to choking the rake will be a small investment; one that will be able to be used again eventually.  The thatching rake will have multiple sharp tines on both sides of the head, each tine similar in appearance to a cradle leg as it is curved on each end.  Positioning the rack downward, the tines scrape into the soil, digging up the accumulated thatch.  Moving in one direction only will avoid disturbing and perhaps damaging healthy roots.


            When the lawn has been dethatched, simply rake up the dead matter and discard or use it in a compost heap for recycling.  The task of dethatching can be done either in the early summer or late fall.




            Water is a key component to a great looking lawn.  For a lawn that is already established, and if you are fortunate enough to have an irrigation system in place, set the automatic feature to water the lawn first thing in the morning; preferably before sunrise.  Winds are generally peaceful at this time of day, heat is low, and natural moisture in the form of dew and humidity is higher.  The water can soak into the soil to the roots where it is needed.  Nighttime watering is often attributed to the development of a variety of different diseases that affect grasses and should be avoided.


            When a lawn has been newly reseeded, watering should be done several times throughout the day as you attempt to keep the soil moist.   




            While grass (with info about all type of grass can help source: ‎picturethis - PlantSpot) is a naturally occurring plant, it still needs a little help to prepare for the winter.  After all the work and time you have invested in creating this beautiful lush lawn, it pays to winterize your yard to get it ready for next season.  Do a visual check of your lawn as you walk the entire length to ensure that no cool weather weeds have taken root.  If they have, pull them out making sure to get the root system.  Rake up any fallen leaves to keep your lawn pristine.  While many people believe that a layer of leaves provides winter protection for the lawn, it actually can keep your lawn from getting the much needed moisture snowfall provides during the grass’s dormant stage.  Add the leaves to your compost pile for future use.


            Check your lawn for any bare patches and reseed if necessary.  Fertilize first in early fall and then repeat in late fall to give the lawn the strength it needs to get through a harsh winter.


            Having a great looking lawn may take a bit of work, but it will be a work of art when you are finished.  Following this guide for planting grass and maintaining your yard will give you a lawn that you, and all of your neighbors, will enjoy viewing.


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