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web development company in dubai

1. What is Web Development?

Web advancement is the way toward building sites and applications for the web, or for a private system known as an intranet. Web improvement isn't worried about the structure of a site; rather, it's about the coding and programming that powers the site's usefulness.

From the most basic, static pages to web based life stages and applications, from online business sites to content administration frameworks (CMS); every one of the apparatuses we use through the web consistently have been worked by web engineers.

Web advancement can be separated into three layers: customer side coding (frontend), server-side coding (backend) and database innovation.

How about we investigate every one of these layers in more detail.

Customer side

Customer side scripting, or frontend advancement, alludes to everything that the end client encounters straightforwardly. Customer side code executes in an internet browser and legitimately identifies with what individuals see when they visit a site. Things like format, text styles, hues, menus and contact structures are altogether determined by the frontend.


Server-side scripting, or backend improvement, is about what goes on in the background. The backend is basically the piece of a site that the client doesn't really observe. It is liable for putting away and sorting out information, and guaranteeing that everything on the customer side runs easily. It does this by speaking with the frontend. At whatever point something occurs on the customer side — state, a client rounds out a structure — the program sends a solicitation to the server-side. The server-side "reacts" with pertinent data as frontend code that the program would then be able to decipher and show.

Find out additional: What's the contrast among frontend and backend?

Database innovation

Sites additionally depend on database innovation. The database contains every one of the records and substance that are essential for a site to work, putting away it so that makes it simple to recover, sort out, alter and spare. The database runs on a server, and most sites regularly utilize some type of social database the board framework (RDBMS).

To outline: the frontend, backend and database innovation all work together to manufacture and run a completely practical site or application, and these three layers structure the establishment of web advancement.

web development company in dubai


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