Video Recording Road Trips: 5 Benefits Of You Shouldn’t Miss


Video Recording Road Trips: 5 Benefits of You Shouldn’t Miss

Recording every single moment of your motorcycle ride could be one of the best ideas ever! Let us explain why. Just like there are dash cams for vehicles nowadays you can easily find helmet mounted cameras which can record the entire ride and an ever-increasing number of motorcyclists are doing this because of a number of benefits. If you have not discovered those benefits yet, take a moment to read through this article and find out what you have been missing all these times. 

Visual evidence 

Recording a ride can serve as visual evidence in the case of an accident that you can furnish to law enforcement officials to prove your innocence and get out of trouble. In many cases the fault is usually of the motorcycle rider because they do not use proper hand signals or even common sense when changing lanes or while overtaking another vehicle. But if the fault isn't yours then there has to be some sort of evidence to prove that in this case the fault of someone else's.  This is extremely important to overcome the general perception of the crowd that might have gathered after the accident, but more importantly of the policemen who will most likely issue a summon or seize your bike.   

A source of passive income 

Recording your rides can serve as a source of passive income if you upload the videos to YouTube and monetize your videos. Many have read motorcycle riders are already starting to get into the YouTube bandwagon which is generating them a lot of money making it possible for them to go on more journeys and record them for a larger audience.  There are some very famous YouTube celebrities who have crossed continents on their motorcycles and are still continuing on their rights not just because of the money but because of the love they have for riding motorcycles.  By recording or rides, you make it possible for yourself to generate extra money that will help you live your dreams. 

Memories for posterity 

If you do not want to make money from a motorcycle ride you can simply record them to show them to your friends and family and relive the special moments once again later whenever you feel like doing so. Recording it does not take a lot of technical acumen or know how so it's just a matter of slapping the action camera on to the top of your motorcycle helmet and getting started!  

Deterrent for rowdy drivers 

The presence of a camera is one of the most powerful detergents for rowdy drivers to make mistakes and put you on the path of harm.  You must have seen dummy cameras placed inside malls and other financial institutions because these serve the purpose of a security guard which is nothing but a visual deterrent that prevents a lot of crime from happening in the first place. 

Insurance claims become easier 

When you have a recording of the accident it becomes a lot simpler for you to claim reimbursement from the insurance company because they do not have to start an independent investigation of the around to find out the faulty party. The moment you furnish video evidence of the accident a lot of things start falling into place quite simply and even if the insurance company decides to do an independent investigation it should not take as long as it might have taken had you not submitted the video. 


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