Use Quicken Print Checks Feature On Your MacOs Device


Use Quicken Print Checks Feature On Your MacOs Device

Quicken allows you to Print Checks directly from the software which is a great feature indeed. However, the process is quite complicated especially for those doing this for the first time. This blog is created with beginners in mind who just started using Quicken and don’t know much about it. You can also take reference from this blog if you are facing quicken print checks problems and need help. Before you get started, note that these steps are applicable to Mac devices only.

How To Write Checks On Quicken For MacBook?

  • Launch Quicken on your macOS device and go to the Accounts section
  • Select your Checking Account.
  • Click on the Transactions tab and then select the Write Check option.
  • When you see the Checks section, write the payee name and details required.
  • Mention the amount on the check.
  • Enter the address of the payee or change according to your need.
  • Enable To Be printed option and after writing the check, press Enter.

Once you've created the cheque, you are now ready to print it. Read further to know how to print a check on Quicken.

Use Quicken To Print Check On macOS

Quicken print checks feature lets you write and print checks directly and easily from your device. While using any such feature, you need to be careful to avoid any fuss in the future. It’s not that complicated to print checks from Quicken however, a little help can make you do it in a jiffy.

  • Launch Quicken On Your macOS Device and go to the File tab.
  • Select the Print Checks option and click on the account from which you want to print the checks.
  • Click on the check you want to print, if you want to print several checks at once, then select the checks accordingly.
  • Hit the Print option after selecting the checks.
  • Verify Quicken Print Check settings and change them according to your requirement.
  • After printing one page, verify if the correct checks are printed by matching it to your screen.
  • If the printed page is missing one or two checks, click on Print again to print the remaining checks.

These steps would get you to print checks on your Quicken software easily. However, if you face any quicken will not print checks problem or if you can’t complete the procedure feel free to get help from our Quicken Support experts. To fix the Quicken Print Checks problem on your own, you can also try reprinting some checks again. Or if necessary, make changes to the check alignment.

How To Reprint Checks On Quicken?

In case you fail to print checks using the above method or facing any other Quicken print check problems, use the below steps to try reprinting them. The process of reprinting checks on Quicken is the same as the above-mentioned steps, however, you must follow the below measure to avoid any error this time.

  • Before printing any checks again, make sure you destroy the previously printed checks for security.
  • From the list, select the check you want to reprint and click on the Edit Check option.
  • Tick the To be printed box and click on Save.
  • Use the exact steps as mentioned above to print the checks again but this time you need to be extra careful.

Facing quicken print checks problems and can’t print checks using the above-mentioned method? Feel free to contact Quicken Support for any sort of help whether it is related to writing, downloading, or printing checks, or anything else. You can also chat with our techs online anytime during the day regarding your Quicken Print Check Problems.


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