Internet Privacy In The UK


Internet Privacy in the UK

Reaching out to representatives is obviously an important step to express displeasure, but in the meantime, certain steps should be taken to ensure that your online privacy remains intact.

1)Educate Yourself on the Issue

Online privacy concerns everyone, but there are several moving parts to this global issue. Which nations are taking a “hard line” stance on internet censorship? Which websites are conceding to government officials without notifying users? What privacy options do you have for the websites you frequent?

Answering these questions can help limit your exposure to online “snooping”.

2)Utilize a SECURE access Channel

Ensuring online privacy begins at the point of contact: your access channel. Wi-Fi networks, for example, can provide users with a means of accessing the internet, but offer little to nothing in terms of privacy or security. In fact, these networks are often riddled with spyware or other malicious utilities. But, by using a Virtual Private Network, users can access the internet via a secure channel that is fully encrypted, preventing even the most advanced technologies from deciphering or cataloguing your online activity.

These services are incredibly inexpensive and can provide “peace of mind” in an age where online privacy is under constant attack. Because your information will never be compromised, you can be comfortable handling online financial transactions, as well as using search engines to gather information without the fear of the history being compiled by a remote government database.

While the online privacy battle in the UK is far from over, residents and visitors alike should keep a close eye on how the situation develops. In the meantime, tech savvy users can protect themselves and their personal information via VeePN unblocker. Such tools are considered to be a necessity in the Information Age, and can provide incredible security at a very low cost.


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