Why Chippys By Kiwi Foods Are Loved By Kids?


Why Chippys by Kiwi foods are loved by Kids?

Whenever you want something spicy and tasty to eat, all your mind thinks of are potato chips. Even if you promise yourself to grab a piece, you will end up munching on the whole packet. Well, chips are never enough for anybody, especially kids. Kids are so addictive to chips that if you will give those chips in breakfast, lunch and dinner, they will never be satisfied with it. There are plenty of chips manufacturers in India but not everybody follows the right standards of manufacturing and some are expensive. If you get chips in just 5 rupees with no compromise with quality or taste, what will you do? Well, you will surely buy the whole lot.

Kiwi Foods is one such leading manufacturer of confectionary in India who is providing tasty and mouth-watering chippys that kids cannot resist. Their chips are the best that every kid loves. However, potato chips are very much addictive because of its taste and flavour. The salt in potato chips and the potato flavourtriggers pleasure and you crave more for such snacks. At that moment you forget about the fat and everything, but just enjoy the taste of the chips. However, chips are something more satisfying to kids than usual nutritious food. Moreover, there is no harm in consuming chips.

It is also the crunchy taste that makes kids more addictive to chips. However, Kiwi Foods’ products are so reasonable and valuable in the market. The company has followed the standards of manufacturing and did not even compromise with quality. They not just manufacture chips, but candies, snacks, and confectionery. But, their Chippys are the bestsellers in the market.

Chippys come in different flavours –Classic Salted, Tangy Tomato, Cream ‘n’ Onion, Mast Masala, and Simply Salted. You would not believe that all of these flavours come in RS 5 and 10 variants. Being reasonable, these chips are tasty too.  These are not just kids’ choice, but parent also prefer purchasing these from the manufacturer because of quality standards. Being the best , they are the preferred choice of parents. 

Chippys are most loved by kids because its manufacturers ensure its quality. By maintaining the quality of the product in these years, they have gained trust of the parents and kids of course. Be it Kiwi Foods’ Tanatan or Chippys, kids love them all. However, being pocket-friendly, kids do notmind spending their pocket money on chippys. If you want to but the whole lot, you can directly buy it from the manufacturer also.


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