School Management System SMS Buraq Tech


School Management System SMS Buraq Tech

School Management System SMS Buraq Tech


Buraq Tech proposes an extensive School Management System which oversees total understudies’ information and records, their various sorts of expenses, advancements and all kind of exercises that assists with running the progress of day by day working in the school premises. This likewise incorporates numerous significant highlights likely; GR number dole out, meetings with head and instructors, Registration process, Admissions, Medical records, Classroom Management, Custom Fee Templates, Student’s Profile Management, Fee Callahan groups, Scholarships, benefits and different various costs, Promotion and Transfers.

Our School Management System likewise highlighted Attendance, SMS alarm and notices gateway for guardians, Certificates of Various kinds and generally significant of the considerable number of reports according to the ideal configuration and substantially more. Other than it additionally has total joining with the record module and helps keeps the assortment and installment structure adjusted.

In this way it’s a finished one stop answer for all School prerequisites that can be overseen effectively and safely over LAN.

Features of School Management System:

School Management Software is the framework structure for proficient instructive foundations which contains the arrangement of guidance which we had used to perform physically. With the progression of time and headway, information recording, Management and accounting are currently done by means of programming with less odds of mistakes and goofs. This School Management System can keep up the entirety of your manual work from participation record to Leaving Certificate, from custom answering to guardians collaboration entry all can done through this human neighborly programming.

Register a Student

Arrangement Management for Principal – confirmation process

Dole out GR Number

Room Allocation

Fee Template Generator

Fee Callahan Generator

Grants, Advances, Miscellaneous Charges


Understudy History bun Management

School Leaving

Participation Handling


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