Critique Of Unigo Blog


Critique of Unigo Blog


Unigo is a website where students can come together to learn about various aspects of college life. With a large collection of articles, videos, photos, documents, and student reviews, Unigo certainly has what it takes to be a top-notch website for college students. You can find articles on financial aid, college admissions, internships and jobs, international studies, and various topics of college life, such as a Back to School College Guide.


What is make their coolest weblog

Unigo has a lot to offer. In fact, its biggest advantage over other blogs is probably its wide variety of topics and media. With all of the numerous and varied interests of college students, it will take a diverse website like Unigo to keep visitors coming back for more. For example, the student reviews, video sharing, and picture sharing features of Unigo make the site feel like more of a community rather than a simple student help blog. Also, Unigo does a great job at presentation. In web design and layout, presentation is everything. If your website isn’t well-designed, you can expect people to find it boring and difficult to navigate. Unigo, however, does a good job at web layout, presenting its varied content in an organized manner that doesn’t force the reader to search around the entire page for links that should be easy to spot.


Improvements Unigo can make

I think that the best way to improve Unigo is to keep creating content to give visitors more reasons to come back and continue reading the blog entries. The most successful blogs out there are able to pump out new and relevant articles daily, which helps to increase traffic. In turn, an increase in traffic translates to more activity on the site, leading to a stronger sense of community, which is essential for a blog’s success.


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