The Best Methods To Get MUT Training Points Quickly Methods In Madden 21


The Best Methods to get MUT training points quickly methods in Madden 21

In Madden 21 game, MUT Training as you can probably tell from the name, a Madden Ultimate Team-related item, that's used to increase the overall level and upgrade your existing players. This is our guide on earning MUT Training as quickly as possible in Madden NFL 21. In this complete Madden 21 Training guide, we'll be walking you through how to get MUT Training quickly whenever you're in need of giving your players a boost.

1. How to Earn MUT Training Points?
So what are the best methods of earning Training in Madden 21 Ultimate Team? As of right now, the only certain way of earning MUT Training while playing the Ultimate Team is through completing certain challenges within Ultimate Team. Below, we've listed out all the solo challenges that you can complete which will reward you with Training:

  • Assemble Your Team: Core Offense, Hot Streak
  • Assemble Your Team: Core Offense, Touchdown
  • Assemble Your Team: Deep Threats, A Single Step
  • Assemble Your Team: Deep Threats, Break it Open
  • Assemble Your Team: Deep Threats, Aerial Threat
  • Assemble Your Team: Deep Threats, This or That
  • Assemble Your Team: Deep Threats, Devastating Combo
  • Assemble Your Team: Deep Threats, Run Up, Throw In

Outside of completing these challenges above, the only other certain way of earning MUT Training is to quickly sell your cards in Madden NFL 21. If you press X/A while hovering over a card in your MUT 21 item binder, you'll have the option at the bottom of quickly selling the selected card. This won't get you heaps of Training by any means necessary, but it does present a solid way of getting some value for your lower rank players.

2. Madden 21 Training Explained
If you're unfamiliar with Training in Madden 21, then allow us to explain. In Madden 21 Ultimate Team, Training acts as a sub-currency, that you can only use to upgrade players you've already obtained.

When you're hovering over a player card in your MUT starting lineup (or your item binder), you can press X/Square to bring up their options menu. If you can upgrade the player, you'll be able to select the 'Upgrade' option, which will take you into the screen below.

At this point, the effect of upgrading a player with Training can vary from player to player. For example with the T.Y. Hilton card pictured above, by spending 1,340 Training on an upgrade, we'd be able to boost his OVR rating up to 87, as well as unlocking a new ability slot to help our overall team scheme.


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