For Starters It Looks Too Similar To Prifddinas


For starters it looks too similar to Prifddinas


Personally I dislike the RuneScape gold five households thing. For starters it looks too similar to Prifddinas, and we should not be recycling Runescape 3 articles (that is boring). I'm also worried that in the event that you happen to side with one household. You cut the material from another four. I enjoy the original Port Roberts thought better. Port Roberts could be the principal link between Asgarnia/Kandarin/Misthalin along with the new continent, and resemble those areas more than the remainder of the continent. I don't like how there are gnomes here, that makes no sense because they aren't sailors, but I like the premise. Due to animosity towards the customs authority, people have begun to turn towards prohibited smugglers and pirates to do trading for them. Quests could explore the battle between the two forces and you could decide to side with either . The closest actual life approximation I can think of is colonial Boston.

All regions of Runescape now represent some component of medieval Europe or the near east. That really only leaves Mediterranean/Southern Europe, so it'd be logical for the continent to resemble Italy/Spain/Greece. I believe that you could incorporate iron age concepts into this. For instance, you could have two big cities which resemble Carthage and Rome (Carthage uses elephants, please). The two are not at war, but have been in the past and are now in the midst of a tense standoff. The street between these is highly guarded and you'll be assaulted by demanding foes if you attempt to travel along it. You could have one town"great" and one city"poor" and have quests where your character fights for the fantastic town or you could have them both on equal footing. The men and women who live here would resemble Celts and they are looked down upon as savages by the southerners. They are a little like Fremenniks, but these people are hunter-gatherers and live in much smaller settlements. They're also in conflict with one if both cities to the southwest, which is trying to expand into their land. I believe this would be a good spot to have the raiding dungeons item, if that's what Jagex wants. I am not sure why this is being pushed to us, at a recent poll solo bosses got twice as much support. I'm worried it is going to become an artisan kind of scenario, where Jagex retains polling it and players say no. I think what OSRS really needs is a intricate solo boss, similar to the QBD of 2012. I state like the QBD since it initially existed in the old combat system which was quite basic, but also had mechanisms that were complicated for the time. I am not saying the mechanics ought to be exactly the same, though possibly the cheap OSRS gold dragon kiteshield would be a good drop.


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