How To Setup A Coinbase Account?


How to Setup a Coinbase Account?

Coinbase is one of the easiest and one of the most prominent ways to buy Bitcoin, and any other cryptocurrency. By creating an account on the Coinbase website, users can purchase these cryptocurrencies through their credit card or bank account in much the same way as online purchase is made on any of the eCommerce websites.

To use Coinbase there is no advanced knowledge of cryptocurrency is required, which is why so many choose to use Coinbase to get their first batch of Bitcoin or other crypto coins.

how to get started.

Here we have created a series of process walkthroughs providing instructions on how to create an account and get Coinbase login:

Setting up an Exchange account to buy or sell crypto
Step 1:
Visit the Coinbase website and click “Signup” at the top right-hand corner of the webpage, after carefully reviewing the terms of the User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Fill in your personal details, then go ahead and check the “I agree to the User Agreement and Privacy Policy”, then click “Create Account”, and you will be directed to a confirmation page upon submission.

Step 2:
A verification link is sent via email by Coinbase for the confirmation of the account. Open the email address specified in the first step and click “Verify Email Address”.
Note: If the email is not found in the inbox please check your junk folder.

Step 3:
Now your account is Set up. Begin by selecting your account type.

Step 4:
Enter your local phone number. This is required for: Logins (2-Step Verification) and Transactions afterward.

Step 5:
Select the payment method, Connect your bank account, debit card, or credit card to purchase and sell digital currency with local currency. 
Personal identification of the person is required before any payment method can be selected and Coinbase will redirect you to this page, where three modes of identity verification are allowed:
Driver’s License
Photo ID
Select the method of uploading identification documents according to your preference.

Once your documents are uploaded, you will be directed to the upload page, where you may now enter the details of your preferred payment method.
Two charges will be made to the bank account under “Pending Transactions”, and you are required to determine the last two digits of these charges. These charges can also be found on your online bank statements (iBanking).
Enter the last 2 digits of each charge that you have made, and click “Verify Charge Numbers” and you’re done!

You are now able to buy and sell BTC from Coinbase anytime you want just by visiting Coinbase login!


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