Top 7 Cat Breeds That Cause Lesser Allergies


Top 7 Cat Breeds that Cause Lesser Allergies


Cats are lovely creatures. They look and behave somewhat self-absorbed but, many cat lovers and owners know how cuddly and affectionate cats are. No matter how cute and sweet-natured cats are. There are many people who are allergic to them.

Living with an ESA cat only needs an ESA letter, for which you must see an online ESA letter, but you may not be able to prevent all the possible cat allergies. What to do then? Get a cat that causes relatively fewer allergies.

Below, we have mentioned 5 cat breeds that shed less and cause fewer allergies.

  1. Sphynx Cats

What other cats could top our list than the ultimate ‘hairless’ cat? They appear as if they are completely hairless but these cats do have some downy fur that may be invisible to the eye but you can feel it when you touch it. They do produce dander but this could be removed through regular baths, which is essential to keep their oily skin clean.

  1. Russian Blue Cats

It is a calm and even-tempered cat that is good and suitable for people who have a mild tendency to catch cat allergies. It has a plush, somewhat shiny and low shedding coat that requires weekly brushing only. These cats are ideal homely creatures that love getting their coats brushed.

  1. Siberian Cats

A Siberian cat produces less Fel d 1 allergen than other cats, which is why these cats grade quite low on giving cat allergies. Surprisingly, these cats have quite thick coats but neither do they mat and you do not need to brush them often. Just a once in a week brush is all they need.

  1. Oriental Cats

These cats are a mix of various cat breeds including Siamese, American Shorthair, and Abyssinian. These cats are quite athletic, intelligent and they absolutely love to play with their human family. The shed rate is moderate and brushing them a couple of weeks and rubbing their coat with a damp cloth is all that they need to remove dead hair.

  1. Siamese Cats

Siamese cats are one of the most popular cat breeds. These cats give comparatively fewer allergies and have a less shedding coat. They are low maintenance and they need a weekly brushing session. However, since they love to be around people, they can give some unlikely allergies.

  1. Balinese Cats

These cats look like Siamese cats but they have much more heavy coats and tails than them. Still, they are one of those cats that shed considerably less and only need a few weekly brushing sessions. They may also have Fel d 1 protein due to which they cause fewer allergies.

  1. Selkirk Rex Cats

These cats have quite a laidback type of behavior and they are not very active also. Similar to their Rex family, these cats have a wavy hair coat that sheds less hair and a couple of brushing sessions are enough for them to get rid of all the dead hair.

Emotional Support Cats are lovely but because they give more allergies than dogs, they are often the number two choice for ESA. If you want to get a feline ESA but are afraid of the allergies then the above-mentioned breeds are ideal for you.


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