Freelancing Can Be Very Tedious: 5 Tips To Be A Pro Freelancer!


Freelancing Can Be Very Tedious: 5 Tips To Be A Pro Freelancer!

Are you new to the freelancing world? Or have you been a part of it for some time but can’t quite become a pro in it. There are a few tips that every freelancer should know in order to become a professional freelancer and to excel in their career. Here are the 5 tips that should be followed in order to achieve that.

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5 Tips To Be A Pro Freelancer.

  1. Have A Varied Portfolio.
  2. Know How To Be A Referee.
  3. Remember To Streamline Your Overhead Time.
  4. Know How Essential It Is To Have A Support Team.
  5. Network And Maintain Relationships.


5 Tips To Be A Pro Freelancer

1.    Have A Varied Portfolio.

Having a diversified portfolio is essential because it shows that you have clients who repeatedly come to you for orders. A good portfolio is created when a freelancer has had orders from different fields of work, thus, providing experience in multiple categories of work. This helps in gaining clients as they can see you can do all sorts of tasks. This can even lead to gathering big-name clients who are constantly in search of experienced freelancers who know their way around every task. Having a good number of existing clients would show stability and attract more people towards your profile. 

2.    Have Knowledge About How To Be A Referee.

In this case, as a freelancer, you have to become your own referee. This means that certain boundaries need to be set when it comes to managing the work-life and a personal life side-by-side. In this profession, everyone acts as their own boss, therefore, a proper schedule needs to be set about what the work hours will be when to take a break, is it okay to work overtime every day?

 All these questions are to be answered accordingly if you want to be a professional freelancer. Every pro freelancer is quick at what they do, deliver promptly and render quality content to all their clients, and this will not be possible until certain limits are set. All experts know they are not supposed to work extra hours if they’re not being paid for it. A term such as ‘Off the clock’ working does not exist in the world of freelancing.

Other than that, these limitations are not bounded to working overtime, answering the client’s phone and emails at all times is something to avoid as well. This is because then the clients think you’re always available and can exploit that to their advantage which is unfair. And so, make freelancing less tedious and learn how to be your own referee when it comes to freelancing.

3.    Remember To Streamline Your Overhead Time.

In order to be a professional freelancer, the overhead time worked should be accounted for because the client will not do that for you. Overhead time refers to the non-billable hours spent working for the client, while writing contracts, invoicing, and making pitches to clients about ideas. Since a freelancer is self-employed, all the managerial and clerical work also needs to be handled by themselves only. Therefore, all pro freelancers know to count un-billable hours as part of their bid.

Be sure to charge a price that you consider to be worth the quality of work you provide. It should remain competitive even after including the un-billable hours. For instance, if you have 40 billable hours that you put in every week and 10 hours are un-billable, then it will be a smart move to increase the bidding price by nearly 25%, because of the time lost in overhead should be compensated.

4.    Should Know How Essential It Is To Have A Support Team.

Being a single employee for your own self can get boring and sometimes lonely too. Hence, if you’re a freelancer who works from home a concrete support team should be built so that you get a different environment other than facing the laptop screen at all times. This is achievable when freelancers connect with each other, outsource, and co-work.

The feeling of isolation is brutal for every freelancer, therefore, a coworking arrangement can be made within a group of freelancers who rent out a small space to work together. This can help in getting a comfortable and professional environment.  Additionally, every good freelancer considers outsourcing because one can’t possibly be an expert in each and every task. Even pro freelancers outsource to get tasks done that would consume much of their time like PC Repair companies helping in any troubleshooting problems.

5.    Networking And Creating An Online Presence.  

In order to be a professional freelancer, word-of-mouth referrals are highly important. The more clients are gained, the more contacts are established, which makes it easier for freelancers to find more work in the future. This is regarded as networking. Every pro freelancer establishes a connection with their clients so that they obtain new leads.

Moreover, clients are the best at researching and digging into your past work. And having a strong online presence will make them know whether you’re reliable or not. Being a credible freelancer is all that a client is in search for. An online presence can be built through various social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook.


To wrap up, freelancing is a lucrative career option these days, is extremely competitive, thus, in order to be a pro and excel in this field, these tips will be the best to implement and take into consideration while working.

Author Bio: Jeffrey McDavis graduated from the University of Minnesota from where he got his PhD. in mass communication and journalism. After graduation, he started working for Web Copywriting Services and became one of the leading writers there. Other than writing, Jeffrey loves to travel and explore museums and collect stamps from all over the world.


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