Important AWS Services


Important AWS Services

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Important AWS Services 


Here, are basic AWS administrations. 



AWS Computer Services 



EC2(Elastic Compute Cloud) - EC2 is a virtual machine in the cloud on which you have OS level control. You can run this cloud server at whatever point you need. 


LightSail -This distributed computing instrument naturally conveys and deals with the PC, stockpiling, and systems administration capacities required to run your applications. 


Versatile Beanstalk —  The apparatus offers mechanized organization and provisioning of assets like an exceptionally adaptable creation site. 


EKS (Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes) — The apparatus permits you to Kubernetes on Amazon cloud condition without establishment. 


AWS Lambda — This AWS administration permits you to run works in the cloud. The apparatus is a major cost saver for you as you to pay just when your capacities execute. 




Migration administrations used to move information truly between your datacenter and AWS. 


DMS (Database Migration Service) -DMS administration can be utilized to relocate nearby databases to AWS. It encourages you to relocate starting with one sort of database then onto the next — for instance, Oracle to MySQL. 


SMS (Server Migration Service) - SMS movement administrations permits you to move nearby servers to AWS effectively and rapidly. 


Snowball — Snowball is a little application which permits you to move terabytes of information inside and outside of AWS condition. 




Amazon Glacier-It is an amazingly ease stockpiling administration. It offers secure and quick stockpiling for information filing and reinforcement. 


Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS)- It furnishes square level stockpiling to use with Amazon EC2 examples. Amazon Elastic Block Store volumes are arrange connected and stay autonomous from the life of an example. 


AWS Storage Gateway-This AWS administration is associating on-premises programming applications with cloud-based stockpiling. It offers secure joining between the organization's on-premises and AWS's stockpiling foundation. 


Security Services 


IAM (Identity and Access Management) —  IAM is a safe cloud security administration which causes you to oversee clients, dole out arrangements, structure gatherings to deal with different clients. 


Inspector — It is an operator that you can introduce on your virtual machines, which reports any security vulnerabilities. 


Declaration Manager — The administration offers free SSL authentications for your spaces that are overseen by Route53. 


WAF (Web Application Firewall) —WAF security administration offers application-level insurance and permits you to square SQL infusion and encourages you to square cross-webpage scripting assaults. 


Cloud Directory — This administration permits you to make adaptable, cloud-local registries for overseeing chains of command of information along different measurements. 


KMS (Key Management Service) — It is an overseen administration. This security administration encourages you to make and control the encryption keys which permits you to encode your information. 


Organizations — You can make gatherings of AWS accounts utilizing this support of oversees security and mechanization settings. 


Shield — Shield is overseen DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service security administration). It offers shields against web applications running on AWS. 


Macie — It offers an information perceivability security administration which arranges and ensure your delicate basic substance. 


GuardDuty — It offers risk recognition to ensure your AWS records and remaining tasks at hand. 


Database Services :


Amazon RDS-This Database AWS administration is anything but difficult to set up, work, and scale a social database in the cloud. 


Amazon DynamoDB-It is a quick, completely oversaw NoSQL database administration. It is a straightforward assistance which permit financially savvy stockpiling and recovery of information. It additionally permits you to serve any degree of solicitation traffic. 


Amazon ElastiCache-It is a web administration which makes it simple to send, work, and scale an in-memory reserve in the cloud. 


Neptune-It is a quick, solid and versatile diagram database administration. 


Amazon RedShift - It is Amazon's information warehousing arrangement which you can use to perform complex OLAP inquiries. 




Athena — This examination administration permits perm SQL questions on your S3 pail to discover records. 


CloudSearch — You should utilize this AWS administration to make a completely oversaw web index for your site. 


ElasticSearch — It is like CloudSearch. Be that as it may, it offers more highlights like application observing. 


Kinesis — This AWS examination administration causes you to stream and dissecting ongoing information at huge scale. 


QuickSight — It is a business examination instrument. It encourages you to make perceptions in a dashboard for information in Amazon Web Services. For instance, S3, DynamoDB, and so on. 


EMR (Elastic Map Reduce) —This AWS examination administration for the most part utilized for large information preparing like Spark, Splunk, Hadoop, and so on. 


Data Pipeline — Allows you to move information starting with one spot then onto the next. For instance from DynamoDB to S3. 


Manegement Services:


CloudWatch — Cloud watch causes you to screen AWS conditions like EC2, RDS examples, and CPU usage. It additionally triggers cautions relies upon different measurements. 


CloudFormation — It is a method for transforming framework into the cloud. You can utilize layouts for giving an entire generation condition in minutes. 


CloudTrail — It offers a simple technique for evaluating AWS assets. It causes you to log all changes. 


OpsWorks — The administration permits you to computerized Chef/Puppet organizations on AWS condition. 


Config — This AWS administration screens your condition. The instrument sends cautions about changes when you break certain characterized designs. 


Service Catalog — This administration causes enormous undertakings to approve which administrations client will be utilized and which won't. 


AWS Auto Scaling — The administration permits you to naturally scale your assets here and there dependent on given CloudWatch measurements. 


System  Manager — This AWS administration permits you to bunch your assets. It permits you to recognize issues and follow up on them. 


Managed Services—It offers the board of your AWS foundation which permits you to concentrate on your applications. 




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