How You Can Compete With Social Media Top Influencers?


How you can compete with social media top influencers?

Summary: Do you follow any social media influencer? Do you trust an influencer more or an advertisement?

Today, every industry from Fashion to Fitness has its top influencers and they have a very huge impact on its audience. This has been proven by the recent survey of Nielson which shows that 92% of customers now trust an influencer rather than a traditional celebrity endorsement and or an advertisement.

This shows how impactful social media influencers are today in this digital era and how organizations need them to get the attention of their audience and to market themselves in this hyper-competitive environment.



The Rise of Social Media Influencers!  2

Importance of Social Media Influencers Today: 2

Grab A Niche Market!. 3

Go Multiplatform!. 3

A Strong Campaigning!. 3

Analytics Matters A Lot!. 3

Providing additional Services!. 4

Build relationships: 4

Conclusion: 4


The Rise of Social Media Influencers!

Ten years back, no one has even heard about the word “Influencer”. But now in 2020, we all have seen how influencer marketing has become a vital part of our daily life. Every day on our Facebook, Instagram newsfeeds, Snapchat stories or videos on YouTube, influencers are impacting the buying decision process of their followers and they are successful in it.

 Right now, social media is emerging at a rapid rate and bringing innovations on everyday basis with constantly increasing users. On nearly all the platforms, there has been an increase in users at a very fast rate with 1.69 billion active users on Facebook, 1 billion users on Instagram and 190 million users on Snapchat. Twenty years back, Instagram was created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger as a photo sharing platform where user can communicate through images.

Who knew that ten years later it will become one of the top marketing platforms where Kylie Jenner will be earning 1.2 million per Instagram post?

Not only on Instagram, but other platforms like YouTube, Facebook and Snapchat has multiple influencers such as MKBHD (YouTube) and Huda Kattan (Snapchat), who are creating new trends and encouraging their followers to buy the products they promote.

Nowadays, if a company market their product through influencers, it can do wonders for sure. Because people do response over their posts and tweets. According to a survey, 40% of twitter users have purchased a product immediately after a tweet from social media influencer.

Importance of Social Media Influencers Today:

Believe it or not, social media influencers can actually boost your internet presence incredibly at a very high rate by conveying your message to the audience. But for that, Company needs to make sure about few things in order to have a successful collaboration with an influencer.

  • You scratch my back ill scratch yours: The promotion of your company should be profitable for them too otherwise it is unlikely that they will help you out.
  • Choose what’s best for you: You need to figure out which influencer suits your brand and the industry.
  • Work Together in synergy: Give instructions to them regarding your advertising but you need to give them the freedom of creativity for the content.

As a result of this, you will generate more customers for your product and earn more profit by taking the assistance of these social media influencers. This shows that how Influencer marketing is a very lucrative option for companies.

So here we have a list of steps through which you can compete with social media top influencers.

Grab a Niche Market:
Is it better to cater a niche market or you want to engage with the masses?

As a company, it’s really important to have a competitive edge over your competitors. In order to have a competitive edge, you need to your offer services to a niche market. You need to select an influencer who caters to your specialized market.  By focusing on a one specific group instead of a mass audience, you can strategize yourself better on bigger platforms and provide better services.

Go Multiplatform:

By having a social media influencer on board, you can easily advertise your services through multiple social media platforms. Nearly all the influencers have access over different platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube. But you don’t have to market over all of them. It depends on your company which platform you wish to go for. For a company focusing on fashion products, Instagram influencers will be better option. Similarly if a gaming company wants to release new game in market, a well-known YouTube influence will give a good demonstration of it by making a video of live gameplay.

A Strong Campaigning:
You have to monitor the complete campaigning of your Influencer from the start to the finish. This will require complete monitoring with hand to hand support.

Analytics Matters A Lot!
While doing influencer marketing, you need to look over the analytics too. Through that, you’ll know how efficiently your influencer has conveyed your message to your audience. In order to do that have to look over the analytics which shows how many people have reacted to the posts, tweets or video?

Providing additional Services:
Influencers aren’t only involved in digital marketing but also bringing many innovations in different areas like artificial intelligence. By using these additional services you can help your company stand out from the crowd. The services can be of various types such as, B2B micro financer marketing or even top dissertation writing services, blogs or articles as well.

Build relationships:
It is considered that influencer marketing is short term and it has a lack of sustainability and collaboration. You need to make sure that the content created by influencers is not of poor quality and you should always choose those influencers who match with your company profile and brand image. You have to build long term relationships with them in order to make a good impression on the influencer’s audience.

As new social media influencers are emerging nowadays, it is pretty clear that they are continuously changing the dimensions of digital marketing. They are creating innovative content that affects user engagement and attention. So now, companies are investing heavily on the influencers. They are looking forward to collaborating more with them to create awareness and convey their message to a wide amount of audience.

About The Author:
Dr. Adrish has completed Ph.D. in actuarial sciences from Glasgow University. He is an academic consultant who has extensive knowledge in multiple fields such as Human Resource Management, Supply Chain Management, and Corporate Finance. He writes articles for Thesis Writing Help and magazines as well.









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  • Robert

    Hi there. I use it often. Your article is cool. I often read new information. I use this for my university studies. It helps me have better grades.

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