12 Most Effective Ways To Increase Your Conversion Rate


12 Most Effective Ways to Increase your Conversion Rate

Below are some Tips to increase your conversin Rate:

  1. Make good use of the home page

Home page or what we call it as a landing page plays an important role in increasing conversion rate. Make it as attractive as you can and keep it very brief and up to the point as it is the first thing your people will see. By directing the audience straight to the landing page will make an increase in the conversion rate as the landing pages make it simpler for the people to make their purchase.


  1. Make use of powerful headlines

Powerful headlines are one of the best ways to increase the conversion rate. It is one of the few things that people see when they first set foot on your landing page and it gives the idea about your products. Your headline must be up to the mark, crispy, catchy and attractive.


  1. Take a look at the existing conversion

It is very important to take a good look and track the existing conversion. It is said that how will you improve and take future steps if you don’t know what is wrong. So it is necessary to take a look at existing conversion so that you can take future steps according to that and can improve accordingly.


  1. Remove all the distractions

It is necessary to remove all the distractions from your website. Keep it straightforward and only keep things that are necessary so that your customers won’t get lost there and won’t get irritated due to unnecessary things. Only make a place for features, benefits, contact us and like this other for important things.


  1. Increase the conversion by making the first step very easy

Today people want things to be straightforward and very simple. Make your initial step very simple so that your audience will travel to the last step.


  1. Add live chat option to your website

By adding this option to your website you are giving them confidence and proving that you are trustworthy. Put yourself in their sits you will also have doubts while buying the product and you want to ask lots of questions. So this will help you in answering their questions.   


  1. Offer free shipping

Give them a free shipping option. This will make them trust you and they will buy more and more product from you. People normally expect free shipping and there are high chances that they won’t buy anything from you if there is no free shipping.


  1. Give them money-back guarantee offer

If people see this offer then they will surely buy from you and will trust you and your website. This will make them believe that you are here to satisfy their needs.


  1. Add a timer to your product

By adding a countdown timer you will make your product exclusive and it will add importance to your product. When people see that they are running out of time to buy your product then they will rush to buy it which will increase your conversion.



  1. Offer product in limited quantity ‘

Clearly show how many items are left in the product and also tell them to hurry and buy it before it goes out of stock. This will make them buy it faster as they won’t have that much time to think and ultimately this will increase your conversion rate.


  1. Optimize for mobile

Optimize your website for mobile phones because there are more users of mobiles in comparison to laptops and PC. Make sure that your website looks exactly the same it looks in the laptop and also make sure it runs properly on both android and ISO.


  1. Use Social Proof Tools

It is one of the best ways to increase your conversion rate. With the help of social proof tools, you can do Social Proof Marketing. It is the most famous way for online marketing and it helps to attract more people to the website and increase conversion rate and sales too. With a lot of social proof tools out there it is hard to choose.

But the best social proof tool is Fizfy Social Proof. It is most often used tool for promotion and attraction of new audience .it has many notifications and many unique features. Go and check it out here: https://fizfy.com/

 It is available at a very affordable price too and easy to use. You can find out if it is easy or not by starting 7 days free trial today at Fizfy: https://fizfy.com/pricing/



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