Rules Of Writing Brilliant Articles


Rules of Writing Brilliant Articles

An article is a form of a nonfictional piece of writing. This text is written on anything like news, fashion, new discovery, movie, objects, subjects, interests, places, researches, findings, etc. An article is written to inform a reader about a specific thing.


To write an article you first choose a topic of your interest or passion or simply something that you believe should be shared. List down the ideas related to it that will go in the article. Keep in mind that the article differs from an essay and also articles can be opinionated. To be clear about differences between them search online help for free essays and free articles sample online.



After the topic is selected, know who your targetted audience is and what does it want to know in the article. Do not just randomly write without knowing what your audience is excepting.


Research about the ideas regarding your topic and gather facts and logical information to prove your point to the audience. Gather facts, statistics, quotes, definitions, and use references to make your point valid and strong.


Before you are drafting a final and a neat draft it is advised to first draft a rough piece of article to be sure of what you are writing. Your article should be specific and direct. Do not wonder in your article and make it difficult for the readers to understand the point.


To draft an exceptional article, professionals have come up with some rules to follow when writing an article to make it flawless.


Rules of Writing an Article


  1. There should be no barriers for the readers: a key to a successful article is to make the audience it’s part. The article should easily draw in the readers. This means that your reader should instantly know what the topic is and the article will be about.


Make the opening of your essay engaging and easy to understand to motivate the readers to read the entire article.


  1. Visually appeal your audience: A good article will always have short and clear parathas. The easier it is for readers to understand the better it will result for you. Your article should be presented in a text that will visually appeal to the readers to read. Huge paragraphs and no formatting will scare your audience away.


  1. Keep it short: Do not give the article a length of a research paper. Shortly and in a concise manner put your point forward to the audience. The dragged text will make the readers lose their interest in reading and will confuse them.


  1. Your article should have a meaning and a purpose: Do not add cliches and information that is general. People will not read something that they already know about. You can make your articles meaningful by adding facts and logical information.


  1. Tell a story: People love to hear interesting stories. You can capture your reader’s interest in the article by sharing an event, unfolding a plot, or just by setting up a stage.


  1. Show then tell: Professionals and experts have recommended an order in which you can write a winning article. The order is illustrating, explaining, and understanding. Paint a picture or show something before you tell about it.


Articles are a very fun writing. Even for an essay writer, writing an article is satisfying and refreshing.


People require essay writing help free from professionals to draft all their academic assignments perfectly. There are websites who provide writing services for all academic writings for students.


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