Leading Advertising Agency Or Marketing Company In Mumbai, India.


Leading Advertising Agency or Marketing Company In Mumbai, India.

Heard This Before?

Advertising is a communication of a message to promote or sell any product or service. It is a mass communication done through various media. They include traditional media, print media such as newspapers, magazines, television, radio, outdoor advertising or direct mail. Any medium through which a product is sold or made known is called Advertisement or Advert for short.

This is generally done by associating a brand with a particular image or colour which then becomes the identity of the product. It adds a recall value to the product. It also intends to elicit immediate sales, which is known as direct marketing. Advertising is being used from ancient times when digital services were not introduced. Egyptians used papyrus to make sales messages on the wall and posters. Walls and rock paintings were common and popular ways of communicating messages across the masses. Advertising was earlier done orally with flutes, played to sell confectionery. The ’90s came to internet advertising called, online advertising. It is never an evolving process, which is a blend of various media services, various platforms to sell and promote your products. Advertising can be categorized in a variety of ways including target audience, demographics, type of advertising that is more effective for a particular brand.  An ad campaign can be directed towards any business or consumers depending on the type of client your brand is. Traditional Media is still in use. Though has evolved tremendously it is still the mainstream of the advertising industry.

Know-How & Why

Advertising is considered to be one of the largest and the most effective means of promotion of services. Marketing is another mainstream work, action or business of promoting and selling services also market research. It refers to activities a company performs to promote the buying and selling and delivering products to the respective target audiences. Marketing is done through different means. It can involve catchy lines, slogans, graphic designs, celebrity endorsements, etc. This involves understanding markets and everything that takes to draw a customer's interest. Maintaining relations and networking with the present as well as past clients holds importance. As these are the potential prospects that can eventually draw in more business. Regular mails, maintaining contacts, wishing, meeting clients for coffee or a meal is really important. It refers to all the activities a company does to promote and sell products and services to consumers. A careful analysis of the 4P’s, that is the product, place, price and promotion matters the most. As a product, when required is not available will bring down things crashing.

Our Journey

Ascent Advertising Is considered to be one of the Leading Advertising and marketing companies throughout Mumbai, India. It is incepted in the year 1996, starting with very few numbers of employees which gradually grew to a large number which is now a family. As an Ad agency, we have multiple teams which work on different executions. This comprises of expertise from different fields. Integrally working towards achieving a common goal. To explore the world of creativity and colours, our creative team is here to make your life beautiful. They are a highly skilled and amazing set of people doing an extraordinary job. This spark thus reflects on their work and so does the client's requirement. Our servicing team is potential enough to understand every minute details and requirements of your work. They are intellectuals who are dynamic in nature and offer variations and give a customized touch to every project and assignment they work on. Their target is always to keep the client satisfied, timely delivery, a job that was supposed to serve the clients' needs.

Our other team of creative artists also works towards integrating creative ideas and concepts matching and catering to all their client's requirements. Things go through different stages, the artworks get filtered each time a client gives his inputs. We make sure that we cater to his requirements, understand his needs and fulfil his demands. This is a careful integration of customers' choices and creative ideas.

We are happy you're here, we welcome you to the world of creativity. We promise every client 100% satisfaction and fulfilment of their desires.


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