How To Recover Forgotten Google Account Password


How to recover forgotten Google account password

Google has how occupied the topmost place when we talk about all the email service providers. Its usage has been increasing daily by millions of users and they are now very dependent on it as all the information of their business is in their emails. Well, talking about the business, we are reminded of all the emails handled by the users related to business. In such a condition, users cannot afford to lose access. But what if it has happened?

Google account procedure:

Well, let us see the process of Google account recovery if the users have forgotten the password. They can, however, contact the customer care executives to get their issue resolved. Let us have a look at the recovery process.

Open the browser and go to the account recovery page of Google.
Then, you have to fill in the address of Google and then click on the Next button.
You have to, now, fill in the last password you remember. Else, click on “Try a different option”.
In the next step, you have to select the email address or the phone number so that you can verify the identity.
If you are choosing the email address, you will get an email on your email address with the verification link. You will be required to open that link and then it will redirect you to the password reset page.
However, if you are choosing the option of getting the verification code on your phone number, you will find the option of getting the code via text message or call. Choose one. After you get the verification code, you have to enter the code in the text field present on your screen.
This is how you can create a new password and then confirm the new password. You can now save the changes.
This is the process of Google account recovery that can also be made clear by getting in touch with customer support. Their services are always active and you can call them anytime. Also, the agents are polite and will listen to your problem patiently.


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