Is Re-Key The Best Option For Your Home Or You Want To Replace The Locks?


Is Re-Key the Best Option for Your Home or You Want to Replace the Locks?

There are plenty of questions and doubts going around in your mind related to your locks and keys like,


  • Are you satisfied with the locks?
  • Have you lost the keys?
  • Are you replacing the locks because of upgrading your security?
  • Are you able to spend more or save more?
  • Buying a new home recently?


Based on the above-mentioned questions, there are two options, the Master Brooklyn locksmith company can offer you two options:


  • Re-key the locks
  • Replace the locks


It is totally on you if you just want to stick with the existing locks, the re-keying is the best option, or else replace the locks with new one completely by paying a higher price.


Let’s Talk About Re-keying The Locks


Re-keying is basically adjusting the locking mechanism internally so that it can function with a new key. This is very helpful if you have lost the original keys, misplaced or a rare case scenario that the keys are broken.


In other words, it is just giving access to the locking mechanism a new gateway of access, by the new key. The process is a cost-effective one as you stick with the existing locks, however many of the things are re-worked for the locks and the old keys even if you have will not work later.


For this purpose, you require an expert and only the best locksmith Brooklyn NY from Master Locksmith can perform the task and you cannot yourself do this.


Further, whatever the new product you get, it comes with its own pros and cons, do take a look:




- You get a feel of high security

- A cost-effective solution as compared to replacement

- It is quick and easy, not for you, but for the professional locksmith




- You get stuck with the same lock and re-key and cannot upgrade your security as it is limited



Now Let’s Focus On What Is Replacement of the Locks


The main difference between re-keying and replace a lock is a fact that you completely get a new unit with a lock and key set. This is not a cost-effective solution, though not that expensive you pay for the new unit and that will depend on what kind of unit you opt for.


But this technique comes in handy whenever you want to upgrade your security with a new unit or body and don't want to stick to the boring old locks.


Do take a look at the Pros and Cons:




- You can get customized solutions as what kind of lock you need

- Able to upgrade as per your choice




- You have to pay for the new lock unit and also for the other parts and labor charges that are added.


Which Option Is the Best Option for You?


Well, it totally depends on you as we have already stated this above. It is based on the scenario that you are facing like if the locks are completely worn out, there is no point in re-keying the same and choose a replacement. On the other end of the locking mechanism is perfectly fine but you have lost the keys or want better security, then go for the re-key option.


However, re-key will remain a much suitable and affordable option for you but you need to ask yourself about the security thing! Based on your decision, Master Locksmith will provide you with the best locksmith Brooklyn NY solution for your home, office or apartment.




We Can Advise You to Choose the Best Option


Are you still confused and not getting what to do? We at Master Locksmith take the pride to advise you with the best solutions and can even save money for you by restricting and changing your decision of replacement into re-keying the locks.


We inspect and diagnose each and everything correctly as we are highly skilled and trained in Brooklyn locksmith and then only share the recommendations along with the pricing.


Do choose us as one of the best locksmith Brooklyn NY for your requirements and visit us at or call 24/7 as our emergency services are always there for you.


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