Building Information Model


Building Information Model

BIM or building information model is the process of creating and managing information about a construction project throughout its life cycle. One of the key outcomes of this process is the building information model, a digital description of every aspect of the constructed facility. This model is based on information gathered together and updated at key stages of the project. Creating a digital building information model allows those who interact with the building to optimize their actions, which leads to an increase in the total asset value.    

Thanks to BIM, the UK construction industry is experiencing its own digital revolution. BIM is the way to work. BIM is information modeling and information management in a team environment, all team members must work according to the same standards as each other. BIM creates value from the combined efforts of people, processes and technology.   

How can BIM help you?

BIM brings together all the information about each building component in one place. BIM allows anyone to access this information for any purpose, such as integrating different aspects of a project more efficiently. This reduces the risk of errors or inconsistencies and minimizes failed costs.  

BIM data can be used to illustrate the entire life cycle of a building, from cradle to cradle, from creation and design to demolition and reuse of materials. Spaces, systems, products, and sequences can be shown in relative scale relative to each other and, in turn, relative to the entire project. And with alarm detection, BIM prevents errors from occurring at various stages of design / construction.  

What is the future of BIM?

The future of the construction industry is digital, and BIM is the future of design and long-term asset management; this government is governed and governed by technology and clear processes; and he's making changes across all industries. As hardware, software and cloud applications open up new possibilities to handle growing volumes of raw data and information, the use of BIM will become even more pronounced than in current projects. A striking example of the reliability of BIM is the Karnoenergy company , which is able to surprise any person who is interested in BIM .   


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