Ten Best Ways To Earn Money From Your Website In 2020


Ten best ways to earn money From Your website in 2020

Making money from your website isn't a rocket science anymore. You and anyone can do it effortlessly once they get their hands on the right monetization strategy. Running a part-time blog or a full-fledged website for a living is a serious business today. You can generate a fair amount of revenue from it with least expenses and a right monetization strategy.

Go ahead and find out the best strategies to monetize website effectively. 




1.Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate is the heart of your marketing strategy and also the most popular one when it comes to earning revenue from any website/blog. You could quickly start by searching for a product you would like to promote. Later you can endorse that very product and promote it to your visitors and subscribers. And when those people buy those products and services, then you enjoy a part of the profit.

Now, most of us get confused about where to find the products to promote. Few websites like Commission Junction, ShareASale and ClickBank, are few places where you can easily find the products to promote.

2.Pay Per Click Advertising

PPC is another advertising program where each time a publisher earns when someone clicks on the ad. This kind of advertising model is very popular with search engine oriented ads, such as Google Ads & Bing Ads.

Websites or blogs can effectively utilize PPC ads which displays an advertisement when a site shows relevant content.

3.Sell your Ad Space

Don't just incorporate an Ad networking program, but sell your Ad Space too. Simply sell your Ad spaces to other companies who are looking to sponsor different blogs. Your income can increase depending on the number of visitors. And the benefit of using this strategy is that, if you already have a good volume of traffic in your website, then you have a good chance of earning up to 5000 USD per month from a single banner ad.

4.Create & sell your own digital products

If you can make your own digital products which you can offer for selling on your website, you make a fair amount of money. It is a direct approach which does not involve any middleman, hence proves to be productive and profitable too. You also get paid immediately as the product is bought from your website. Though at times, it is challenging to sell the products. But, if you start with ebook guides or narrative audiobooks for starters, you can eventually master it and make mone efficiently.

5.Sponsored posts & Articles

Sponsored post has been a common way of monetizing your websites. As you have already worked very hard to attract an extensive network of traffic on your website, the next step is monetizing.

If you know, several companies search for blogs and websites to feature their content. Like this, you can very well come up with publishing a few relevant contents on your website. So, your website visitors finds it interesting and makes a click. In this way, you can monetize more smartly.

6.Create an effective Email List

Building a great email list can let you make plenty. The primary objective behind this is to increase conversions. Though this would be a long term strategy, you won't ever lose a lead. Building an authentic relationship with your audience can always help you retaining them back with your latest offers as well as extending your network. Later you can monetize your audience network and monetize seamlessly.

7.Set up Premium contents

If you are tired of same old monetization tricks, well, then take power on your hand and start selling premium contents. Today it is challenging to convince your visitors to opt for a premium feature. But If you are charging for something which they can not say no to, is your win. Therefore you must be very careful while setting the premium contents and their price. So that you don't charge more compared to your opponents. Otherwise, you would lose your audience too.

8.Start accepting freelance jobs

When you are seriously investing your time in making your website/blog a big success, you could possibly advertise some of your works on one page of your website and ask people to hire you. This will not only let you earn money, but your site will also get more clicks.

9.Use Content locking tricks

Let's suppose your website has excellent content which you visitors would want to save it for later. This is where your little works, you can lock a few pieces of the material and ask them to pay a small amount for redeeming it.

10.Start member programme

Offering membership is an effective monetizing plan for a long time. For easy access and all the premium contents, you could ask your visitors to avail membership either for free or chargeable. If you have decided to charge, you can start earning immediately and later you can earn by selling the lead information to the audience marketplace and monetize infinitely. 


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