Shutters - Fashionable Window Treatments


Shutters - Fashionable Window Treatments

2011 is the year of transition if you're hunting for sleek and fashionable window treatments. Simply by picking a trendy option to dress your curtains, you will brighten up the look of your home and your big. There are several fresh and imaginative ways to dress your windows beautifully, whether you have a traditional styled house, a modern or lined jacquard ready made eyelet curtains.

If you have long, tall windows, such as those seen in older homes, you can give your rooms a new, modern look by replacing your curtains with blinds. Since blinds eliminate the need for curtains, choose models that enable you to regulate the amount of light and heat that enters the space during the summer. If you can't find the size or model you like off the shelf, go bespoke and get them designed to suit your home's style and with a colour that matches your decor.

A bold patterned blind will refresh the look of the room, while a simple scalloped edge creates a sleek and fashionable window dressing with a more feminine appearance. Using a Venetian blind or a simple Roman blind of the same colour for a neat and trendy finish to your windows if you need protection, such as in a bathroom or bedroom.

The usage of shutters is one of the most common window dressings this year. It is not a recent invention, but it has been brought up to date to fit contemporary living styles. These are more commonly identified with being used on the exterior of buildings, particularly on the continent, where they are used to keep rooms cool during the summer. This year's trend is to use them as interior window treatments instead of curtains or drapes.

The style's clean lines made it a good choice for today's interior design trends. Furthermore, often people use them as an important way to minimise the chances of getting burgled owing to their rugged existence. Few insurance providers, similar to their European equivalents, are providing discounted rates for residences with safe window treatments. As a result, utilising internal shutters not only provides you with easy-to-maintain window treatments, but they also provide protection to your house.

If you like the idea of shutters but want protection while they're completely open, sheer voile panels trimmed with ribbons and beads to fit your soft furnishings can offer your windows a chic look while still softening the look. Keeping with the privacy theme, shutter designs that only open at the top half are also possible, giving you the privacy you need at eye level while also allowing you to open the top half and let natural light invade your spaces.

Bespoke shutters are available in a wide variety of designs, whether you have regular sized windows, stunning bay windows, or long tall elegant Regency style windows. Colors and styles They can be made of natural wood to add comfort, or simply painted white to make a light and airy window treatment that is both sleek and fashionable.


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