Being Socially Active


Being Socially Active

Being an introvert and not having many friends to talk to can be really good for some people..but sometimes, you are in such a situation(mostly social situations) that being friendly and knowing people becomes important. People usually don't know how to come around in social situations as they are introverts and have no idea whatsoever on how to act and talk. So what to do in these situations?


1) Talk to the mirror- Talking to someone in a social gathering might be fact, intimidating if you feel that interacting with someone might be difficult for you, talk to yourself in the this way, you will be able to gain a little confidence and you would at least know that what you have to talk about. It is very important to open up in social gatherings as after all, human beings are social animals and you never know what kind of people come to your rescue in times of need.


2) Update yourself- Usually, at social gatherings, people talk about the recent happenings or current affairs, or basically something that is going on in that keep yourself updated about the current affairs so that you have the knowledge and the basis to participate in a conversation or a discussion.


3) Be confident- I know being confident in yourself can be a little difficult as sometimes you are surrounded by your sheer insecurities..but overcoming them one at a time might help you. In fact, taking professional help to sort out your mind can make you feel better about yourself which might lead to a more confident self. Also, do not be scared about your insecurities being revealed as no matter what kind of human being it is, everyone has their fair share of insecurities and no one will judge you for who you are. (Even if they do, does it really matter?)


4) Discuss about known topics: There might be certain things that you are pretty well aware of..or you are quite confident make it a discussion point so that you are able to establish a valid conversation and you are able to present your concrete views on it. 


5) Break the ice- If you feel like that you are not comfortable in the situation you are in..break the ice your own, by introducing a game or quiz like wheel of fortune or Monopoly or chess, etc. You can tell people about the wheel of fortune phrase answers to engage them in the game and involve them in your conversations.


6) Interact with someone familiar- It can be unnerving to create an understanding with a, take someone familiar with you to the social gathering you are in so that you don't feel left out. In fact, take someone who has good social skills so that they help you to get introduced to other people. This way, you will be able to form some new social relationships with the help of someone you know.


7) Observe the vibe- Sometimes observing the surroundings you are in can help you with the way you act with people. You can surely observe the behavior of other people and understand how they get involved in conversations which would definitely help you in establishing contact with like-minded people.



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