Kubo Educational Robot: A Puzzle For Learning | Robot Machines


Kubo Educational Robot: A puzzle for learning | Robot Machines

kubo robot is an educational robot that accelerates the learning of programming, math, language and music through the TagTile programming language, helping preschool and elementary school children explore and understand new concepts in a real-screen environment. KUBO allows children to explore robotics, programming, problem solving and creative thinking through real play. They do this in such a way that they play and animate without any prior programming knowledge and tablet or computer requirements. This programming language is designed to be easy to learn for children ages four to ten. The KUBO robot can be used to teach coding as well as math, language, and music with TagTile.

Get to know the creative and fun KUBO. An educational, practical and digital coding solution that has everything you need to know about coding and computational thinking, designed especially for kids. world - literally makes programming easier by putting puzzle pieces together to create code sequences. The Kubo kit consists of a small robot with two wheels and a set of thin puzzle pieces that are put together to create programming circuits and further develop the robot. These cards are equipped with symbols, letters or numbers on one side of the electronic circuit and on the other to expand the study area.



Kubo's robotic system will of course also cater to parents who are not always comfortable with this basic code or programming language. This way they can support their children in this first educational approach. The Kubo Robot is designed for children between 3 and 10 years old. An important feature of KUBO is that it helps preschool and elementary school children learn basic programming skills in a real-life environment.

KUBO Robot is a simple intuitive solution that teaches kids to program without a computer. It consists of a small robot on two wheels and a series of thin puzzles that fit together to create software circuits and develop the robot. These puzzles contain symbols, letters and numbers that children can use to learn several language skills, math concepts, as well as music.




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